Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today I am thankful for a brother whom I love with all my heart and a sister-in-law who is so easy to love.
ETA: More photos from today can be seen (click HERE)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

since i've been told that the old blog is pretty boring as of late...i thought i'd pop in for an update...but no capital letters, kay?
let's see...what have we been up to...besides wishing on every star that it would snow 10ft. and i would get a snow day?
i think we've been keeping busy working hard and playing hard, too. mid-january we had a couple's shower for chris and brigit and the future baby floyd (who should be making his/her debut any day now). that was fun. i went with a sage-y greenish theme since the gender is unknown. just a picture or two out of the many i took but haven't waded through as of yet.
made more window treatments (master bath pictured) and painted more walls mid-january.
mid-january, too...finished a great book called waiting for birdy and passed it on to blake. hope she likes it as much as i did. it was book #1 on my new years uberlist goal of reading 10 great books this year.
mid-to-late january...had justin and libby and chris and allison and jack here for a long weekend....and to say it was a great time would be an understatement. we had a faaaaaaaabulous time. allison is libby's oldest sister and i just love her. BUT, as much much as tommy and i love hanging out with chris and allison...we love jack (their 2 year old...pictured in the post below) even more! he is pure love..the anti-super nanny child. as in...if the super nanny came to jack's house...she could sit on the couch and eat baked lays while jack practiced his manners over in the corner. ok, enough about jack...i am starting to miss him just talking about him! anywho...the 6 of us had fun visting the new wine bar that just recently opened here in our town. we also (the next day) went to a local orchard for a wine tasting...which was too fun. on saturday night we went to a super restaurant downtown...and it was delicious. i love hanging out with my brother and my soon to be sister-in-law...and what a bonus that we have become such fast friends with her family. we are thinking of playing paper, rock, scissors to see who will switch states so we can hang out on a regular basis.
let's see...what else...still doing the photography thing and really enjoying it. so many cute little babies in the world. maybe that's why i really like the quote ..."Babies are God's opinion that the world should go on." it's true, i think.
tommy is still busy with his work....and currently building some storage shelves in the basement. who needs storage? not this packrat.
can't seem to think of anything else inetersting. groundhog day brought the news that spring is on the way, right? sounds good to me. if it isn't going to snow heavily and result in a 2hour delay or a day off work...i'd just assume skip winter all together. it was bitterly cold here today. we nearly froze walking from church to the car. tommy forgot his he was really cold!
i guess that's it....i am going to finish watching the superbowl and head off to bedtown. i have to get my rest....24 is on tomorrow night.