Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Cool" is what she calls school. She knows when we get in the car that we are headed to cool. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Karin (pronounced Car-in) from Sweden...because she sings "if you're happy and you know it..." like an angel from heaven. Her favorite things in the classroom are the baby dolls. She carries them around all day and is always reluctant to leave them at cool when I pick her up.
We couldn't be more pleased or proud that she's being brave and growing up and learning and enjoying herself.
Here are some photos from the first day (3 weeks ago.)

The requisite front door picture (even if it did make us late.)

Breakfast of Champions...a Panera bagel and a "box" delivered just for her in the wee hours by daddy.
First day breakfast decor by mommy.

First day bath...we thought about going with this "do" but alas, decided on the regular old teacher's pet, bow-head look.

Monday, September 07, 2009

You are double this size now.
So handsome with such an easy smile.
You are good for my soul.