Wednesday, July 01, 2009

summer fun

Blog posting has taken a severe dip! Busy enjoying the summer! Daddy was away for business for TWENTY ONE straight days last month and momma nearly lost her mind! Needless to say there was no time for blogging! We're glad to have him home safe and sound...and glad there will be no more traveling (without all of us in tow!)
We are loving the warm weather and trying to be outside as much as we can. We're preparing for our move mid-month and looking forward to exploring our new neighborhood!
Here are some photos of the kids from last week at the block party.

Isabella most always has a sippy hanging from her teeth these days. Probably not so good for the teeth...but excellent in terms of preventing dehydration. She's a "little girl" now...growing up quickly!

Speaking of growing little Jackie boy is growing up so fast! He will soon pass his sister. He is such an amazing addition to our family. So, so easy to love. He's been wonderful. Who do you think her looks like?

Hope everyone is enjoying summer time!

And PS...Move over Wadey Wade...Isabella has her eye on a new guy: POM MO (Palmer)! She plans to be a fixture at POM MO's soccer games this season!