Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From our family to yours...

2008 Christmas card photo, Isabella 12 months

We are just a few hours away from Christmas! We've been making the rounds and opening gifts since the wee hours. Isabella is finally fast asleep so that Santa can come (though it seems as if he already has!) And we will soon follow (after cleaning up the wreckage around here.) We hope you and yours are tucked safely in...counting your many blessings.
Merry Christmas and God Bless!
Tommy, Sara, Isabella

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I celebrated thirty one yesterday~hard to believe. Dinner at my favorite steak place on Saturday. 3 tiny sips of red red wine. Conversation with my sweet husband without stopping to feed puffs to the little one. Smiling, reflecting, being thankful, enjoying.
No photos from the celebrations (Tommy thinks it makes us look like tourists when I whip out the camera in a restaurant, so I don't) ...but I did come across these pre-second-pregnancy photos from a recent trip and thought I'd post...clearly Tommy felt like the Guinness mustache was very un-tourist like. (Personally, I'd probably rather whip out my camera.)

Isabella is so ashamed that she has found something outside to look at rather than watch her silly parents take photos of each other.

In other news...
I loooooove getting all these cards in the mail. Mail is never more exciting than in December! I love seeing the different styles, the colors, and mostly the photos....cute babies, kids, dogs, families. Bring them on...send me multiple copies! I just mailed the last half of ours today. I also love sending our cards. I tend to love personal mail, in general.
Is it tacky to put a wreath (plain evergreen, of course) on the front of your vehicle? Am I the only one who likes how it looks? I've heard some mixed reviews. I haven't done it, so feel free to be honest!
I was FURIOUS this morning when I learned that school was indeed in session. Snow days make me so excited. Also of note, students were equally as furious which made for an interesting day.
Baby gates are up. No more chasing Isabella up the front stairs. No more worrying that I will have to do the finger sweep to retrieve a dog food morsel. She is bummed. Seeing us move so fast was quite amusing to her. Scurrying away is so anti-climactic now.
Two more days of school and then a much needed break. 3 more photo shoots and then a much needed break. Looking forward to hanging out with family, shopping, visting, reading, playing with my baby girl, being still and quiet to enjoy the forceful movements of my baby BOY, and just enjoying the season.....
I love white Christmas lights almost as much as I love mail. (need to post some tree photos)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008