Wednesday, October 18, 2006

shades of brown...


Dad...remember when I used to make fun of you for painting your entire house beige? Welp, looks like I am a chip off the old block. Tommy and I picked about 10 different paint colors for the new house and they are all shades of chocolate. We both love brown. We are even painting one of the guest bedrooms in Godiva- dark -chocolate-is -it- black -or-is-it-brown? brown. Dark brown and white-white. I hope it turns out just as I have it pictured in my mind. Tommy has been a real trooper about the painting. I am the trimmer-outer and he is the roller. My job is more tedious but he covers all the area. Poor guy...he was up way past our normal bedtime. I was falling asleep at the brush and had to hang it up for the night!
Last week's project was to faux finish the powder room. It took way longer than I thought it would, my arms hurt way worse than I thought they would, and it looks way different than I thought it would ....but we like it. It doesn't photograph too well--so you'll have to really use your imagination. There are several different shades of ...surprise...brown swirled in there...lots of different textures, too.

So it is hump day....and I still have lots to do this week. Report cards for my students is at the top of the list! Been working on some invitations for a baby party and licking lots of envelopes. (Why wouldn't someone come up with a more desirable tasting adhesive by now?) Case, I need your address to send you your copy. I have some family pictures this weekend (nervous!), and I have some serious sewing projects that I want to do. My sewing machine hasn't been out of it's box for more than 2 years. Hope she still sews.
We got our pumpkins for the season. They are resting proudly on the front steps. Don't know if they'll get carved this year or not? We might just have plain, old orange pumpkins with a ribbon around the stem. We have about 6 jack-o-lantern (the kind you plug in) so I think that will suffice. I am anxious to see how many trick-or-treaters come out in this neighborhood. Seems like we used to come out in droves whn I was a kid. Now days....they seem to trickle through for an hour or two and that's it. Perhaps the crowds just looked bigger to me back then. Another thing I have noticed is that kids don't gather candy in grocery bags or pillow cases anymore. They now have monogrammed plush pumpkins in which to carry their sweets! It won't be long before Prada comes out with a style called the hobo-trick-or-treater.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I love weekends....
~on and Janae came to visit and see the new house. We had so much fun. They brought us a great housewarming gift, too...the infamous smoothie blender aka danny boy blender. We had an amazing dinner at a restaurant that is known to have the best steaks in our city. Tommy says the rumors are true.
~on Saturday I got up early and headed up to my hometown. I got to take a very few pictures of the girls I love to pieces (seen above). I got to have a margarita with one of dearest friends who has been like a mother to me. I got to go to a baby shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends who is having a baby girl in December. Among other fun things at the shower, I got to drink some amazing hot apple cider. While I was in town I got to see my wonderful mom for a bit and do some quick shopping.
~on Sunday, I got to sleep in! Tommy and I opted to watch a church previous church service on DVD from the couch this morning since we were exhausted and since the sermon today was on parenting. Now I'm doing some laundry and watching football...cheering for my husband's fantasy team...because to is so NOT fantasy!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

must love dogs...especially weims

Lots of fun times this spite of a sinus infection that can be likened to a vice grip on the head!

We went to a great concert on Friday night! Box seats were so fun. They didn't play my favorite song--but it was a fun time, nonetheless. We went to bed early on Friday and slept in late on Saturday...some much needed rest! I worked on some pictures to drop off to a client and we headed toward the farm for the annual fall party that Tommy's brother hosts. It turned out to be a beautiful day despite the rainy start. We took a hayride, played games, ate, sat around the fire , talked...etc. I was surprised at how cold it got!

We got up early this morning and went to church. (2nd Sunday at our new church....and this one was even better than the last.) Loved it! Can't wait to go back! Can't wait to get more involved!

After church we got ready and went to the annual Weimaraner Rescue Party. I really look forward to this each fall. We left Pepper at home this year since he has a bit of trouble getting along with other dogs. I hated to see his sad face as we pulled away--but had a much less stressful time without worrying about him acting up. There were twice as many dogs there this year! It is disheartening to see so many come into rescue--but so uplifting to see how loved they all are now. There were big weims, little weims, skinny weims, fat weims, weims that barked, weims that howled, weims that played, weims that swam, weims that tried to steal lunch from the table, weims that stayed close to their humans, weims that peed on chairs, weims with scars, weims without...every kind of weim!! I was in heaven! Abby (aka Real Deal) wore her pink pearl necklace and her brother's sunglasses. Everyone thought she was a real priss! Toward the end of the party she decided that the grass was too itchy for her paws so she hopped up in the chair. She was so good. She was one of the smallest weims there...and certainly one of the most docile. There were plenty of doggie contests to enter...but none that included eating she had to settle for just watching.
I love the pictures of her with each of us, below. She is a perfect example of a rescue. She came to us so empty and scared....and we filled her up. She has returned the favor one hundred fold!

How does Monday creep up so fast? I swear, the weekends pass by at twice the rate of the regular week. Better head in the direction of bed. Mondays always hit me like a brick wall.