Wednesday, November 11, 2009

for my father in law

Since it's your birthday week...and you always do so much for others...I decided to carve out some time today to sift through the hundreds of photos of all 7 of your grandchildren to find the very best one I could...and even though it isn't the greatest (you know how hard it is to get all 7 doing the same thing!) I wanted to edit it for you and post it here along with a thank you for just being you. You are very special to me because you (and Sue, of course) raised the man of my dreams. Each time he carries my suitcase, opens my door, helps me with the kids, empties the dishwasher, runs my bath, etc....I am reminded of what a wonderful father you are to have taught him all of these things. I don't tell you often enough that I am thankful for all that you have done...and for all that you continue to do. And I hope this photo suffices for the time a couple of years when they are all old enough to bribe with candy...we'll get an excellent one. Until then, this one will have to do. I also ordered you an enlargement for your office. Love you!grandbabies, July 09

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Here are some very subpar, indoor Halloween photos for some inquiring family members (unky&aunt lib).
Though I had envisioned us pulling the kids in a wagon down our beautiful tree lined just didn't pan out. Naptime ran over into the neighborhood party and the temperatures fell rapidly. We decided, instead, to go to our family party early where Isabella could at least play with her cousins. She did go to a few houses with the crew and Tommy said she really liked it (I stayed back with Jack) and we found out that, just as we expected, she was petrified of masks and face paint. It was fun to make her costume and then see her in it. If they weren't the custest little princess and monkey, I don't know who was!
Hope yours was fun and filled with sweet treats!