Friday, August 20, 2010

Today, I don't want to forget...

how I looked in the rearview mirror this morning to see huge tears rolling down your cheeks. When I asked you what was wrong, you said the Dora video was so, so sad for you. I asked what on earth had happened and you said, "All the "any-muls" couldn't find their mommy," and then you hugged your baby doll and closed your eyes and just cried. Your tiny lower lip sticking out to catch your tears.
I recognized myself in you at that moment and I fell a little deeper in love with the compassionate little girl you are becoming.

And how sweet you, in that same backseat, raised your eyebrows at me when I looked over at you, as if to say "I'm game for whatever," just like daddy does. You are impossible not to smile at! You are saying "mommeeeeeeeeee" as clear as can be now. It is the one word that you say consistently and clearly and I'm so very happy that it's my name.

(I lied. You say ball more than you say mommy.)

love you both with everything that i am.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

It would be impossible to individually thank all of our friends and family for the outcry of love and support we've been shown so I have decided to post my thank you here. We sincerely appreciate your thoughts and mostly appreciate your prayers on behalf of Justin and Libby and sweet baby Ava. We believe that prayer will help tremendously. Please keep praying hard for them. Bookmark their site and keep up with their journey. I promise... you will feel blessed by having witnessed a faith so strong.
Leave them a comment...let them know you've joined up in prayer.
click here: Libby's blog
Also, join TEAM LIBBY if you're a Louisville local! We'd love to have you.
Or, sponsor Natalie (who joined the LLS team long before knowing we would have a family member touched by the disease.)

Again, any support is appreciated, but we mostly covet your prayers for total healing...and for strength for the journey.