Monday, August 28, 2006

No pictures to share...the camera is in who knows what box...buried too deep to pull out at this point.

Saw this on a friend's blog and thought it was neat. If you read my blog and you have a blog of your own....I challenge you to copy and paste and post on your blog.

I am: madly in love with my husband.

I want: to live along, happy life.

I have: so many things to be grateful for.

I wish: I didn't procrastinate.

I hate: that I worry so much.

I miss: home when I am away.

I hear:'s Monday night...what do you expect? Also...some screaming when a good play is made!

I wonder: how I will get everything done on my to-do list.

I regret: that I have regrets.

I am not: a morning person.

I dance: like crazy when I am alone.

I sing: like your worst nightmare.

I cry: fairly easily.

I am not always: brave.

I make with my hands: pictures, cards, dinners, school stuff....

I write: notes to my husband, letters to friends and family, and many many lists.

I confuse: trust with vulnerability.

I need: to pray more and worry less.

I should: do more for those less fortunate.

I start: watching 24 and can't stop.

I finish: each day with a prayer

Thursday, August 17, 2006

8pm is late....

for a teacher on the first day of school! My voice is gone...and it took my patience with it! My students are darling....but they, like me, are still in summer mode! We'll get through it, though! Each new year is like this...tough at first, then settles into a lull...a routine that is comfortable. By the end of next week... the new school supply smell will have faded and the students will be back in school mode....listening, learning, laughing. I am tired tonight...but who am I kidding? I would be lost in August without the first days of school. It's what I do!

And to greet me when I got home? Champagne from Tommy (thanks, babe, you are the best)...and the sweetest card and gift from you, Jen. The card made me cry! Since I can't get the CD of photos to you right now (as the stuff to do it with is packed tightly in the storage unit) I wanted to share this with you--it's one of my all time faves. hope it will tide you over. Thank you so much for your kind, kind words.

off to switch out laundry and get some shuteye. My goal is to get up early enough for a treat from Starbucks before homeroom. highly unlikely...but we'll see.

Monday, August 14, 2006

....too busy to blog starts this week....trying to sell our house so that we can move into our new one in early and more cleaning....seriously? where does all the dust come from? .... I am ashamed to say that the tops of my light fixtures in the master bath looked as though they were faux finished to appear furry!! But....come on...the top of a light fixture? I can't reach it or remember to clean it! ....getting up at 7am is hitting me like a truck....I didn't fully wake up until the middle of my meeting today. I'm starving mid-morning because I am used to eating whenever I want to....note to self: buy snacks for desk drawer. ....a few more photo shoots coming up..and pictures to proof and send out (sorry it is taking me so long, jen and sara kate! don't give up on me...i'll get them to you.) ....truly looking forward to cooking in my new kitchen.... looking forward to a pedicure tomorrow! looking forward to a lake trip coming up, as well. The six of us (dad, janae, jus, libby, tommy and me) will have a grand time catching up. It's been too long....

nope...the picture has nothing to do with the post...just feeling blessed to have a husband that prays.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

prince william

He is a handsome prince indeed! Had so much fun with Carrie and William today! Of course, these photos are unedited for blogger purpose...but I hope you like them Carrie.
William wins the "most active baby" award! He is a mover and a shaker!
Good luck with your shots tomorrow little one!

Monday, August 07, 2006

  • getting my room ready for the school year...cutting out demin pockets to make a bulletin board that says "Jean-ius Work!" Trying to think of other catchy phrases but coming up short!
  • doing laundry...always loads of laundry.
  • trying to get rid of a very unwelcome family of ants that decided to take up residence in the dog food. Realizing that I still detest bugs of any size, shape, color. My mom is the type who gently picks up a bug and tosses it out the backdoor. I am the type who smashes it way harder that it needed to be smashed! I also follow up the smashing by yelling..."Now go warn your friends that I am not playing around!" Yelling at a dead fly is very effective.
  • trying to stay cool. it was 100 here yesterday!
  • going out with the gals for meg's last night of freedom. laughing so hard and having such fun. missing college. would never trade where I am at in my life right now....but missing the good ol' days, nonetheless!
  • visiting with mom yesterday. So thankful for all the surprises she brings when she comes. This was a double bolier for me (so I can make cake icing) and a new suit for Tommy! Thanks for your kindness, Mom!
  • proofing lots of pictures. Very excited to be the proud new owner of a little boy and a little girl Party Hat. They will be appearing in pictures very soon! They are too cute for words.
  • a little sad that summer is almost over for me and I didn't get any sun at all!
  • excited to start buying little baby gifts here and there for Chris and Brigit.
  • happy to be having dinner this week with friends that we haven't seen in a bit.
Must go and get things accomplished today....

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

angel face

Loved seeing Jen and baby Sara today....I swear this little one gets more beautiful each time I see her.

There were tons of great shots...but I had to pick 3 unedited shots that blogger would accept.

Yes, those are tiny toes she is chewing on! How funny!

The cheeks just drive me crazy!

XOXOXO Sara Kate! You made my day with your cute little smile!


Happy two year anniversary to the love of my life! Because of you...I know that dreams do come true!