Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas has come and gone is a glittery haze! We enjoyed time with our families and ate way too much. Cookies? Yeah, we've had thousands. Celebrating the season sans Jus/Lib was sucky...but they were on a ski trip in Whistler....lucky dogs!! We were so busy this made for a rushed kind of holiday. Instead of gifts....we gave lots of gift cards. I guess that's OK (I mean...I do like to receive them) but it just seems so general. I used all gift bags, too...which is big for an obsessive wrapper like myself! Oh well...none of the hoopla is the true reason for the season anyway. Any Christmas spent with my Thomas and the rest of our family, all of whom have been given God's grace, is certainly all I need. I just vow that next year...I will get back to my usual shop early self. The fact that I did not send out cards (thanks for calling me out, rachy!)has been nagging at me (so much so that I haven't ruled out sending Happy New Year Cards) except that New Year's is upon us too. Aaahhhhhh! I think the warm weather also made it feel different somehow. I was out shopping with no coat. That just doesn't seem right. Now....if I lived on the beach I would be fine with the warm Christmas....but, alas, I live farrrrrr from the ocean and I want my Christmases white.
On a different note....I have realized that one of my most favorite things about the holidays is the glow of white twinkle lights on trees. I love that one of our trees is right by our bedroom door this year. Of course, I leave it on all night. I love the ambient light that it gives. I've also decided to sew charming sweater stockings for all of us next year. (I use the term charming very loosely!) They will be part of a whole sewing binge that I plan to go on. I think my photography will slow in the months of January and February to a point that I can do other creative things that I have been thinking about...and read some books, too! I am thinking of starting The Red Tent tonight at bedtime. Speaking of bedtime. I have been going to bed at 2am or 3 am or even 4 am! I reverted back to my pre-teaching self. I can't even imagine how that first morning back at work will go since I've been rolling out of bed about the time I am generally walking my kids to lunch. I can't help it. I am a true night owl. What do I do til all hours? I don't know. Nothing productive really....just things here and there. We have watched 2 movies last week--You, Me, and Dupree and Little Miss Sunshine...both of which were cute, I guess....but subpar. Good thing Blockbuster lowered it's rental fees. Neither movie would have been worth the old $4 price.
Hard to believe that 07 is a few short days away. I remember my old post from this time last year where I said that I liked '05 and didn't want to let it go. Here I am again...holding on to '06...I wish I was one of these I-can't-wait-for-everything-that-07 -will- bring type people. I wonder why I fear change so much ? In my defense, it does show an intense love and appreciation for the current state of my life, right? Like....NO...not a new purse! I love my old purse!...only insert YEAR instead of PURSE. I should move forward with grace, though. Letting the old year go and embracing a new one. Two thousand six was a great year for us. Both Tommy and I saw personal dreams come true.....we took several very fun trips....we moved into a new home that we love...we saw friends get married and others have babies.....we began attending a new church that we many wonderful blessings--and yet, so much to look forward to in this next year. We will gain a new sister-in-law (Libby) and a new nephew (I'm going with my gut on the gender) from Chris and Brigit in 2007....and much, much more, I pray. Fun stuff! Time to have dinner at our favorite restaurant and set some goals and projects for a brand new year. That gets me excited!
I'm off to watch the news of Saddam and finish the never ending folding and putting away of the laundry. Will have to post some pictures of our Christmas bliss later...even though I decided to be in the moment this Christmas rather than through the lens.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Can't come up with a picture to post seems I've been taking pictures of everyone else...and never my own family.
I'm currently typing on a laptop with no "b" key because Abby decided to hurl herself up into my lap this evening when I wasn't ready for her.....aaaaaaaaand, the result? 3 keys went flying...and the b is the one I can't find. Must put that on my list of "to-do's" tomorrow. (Along every single Christmas gift for family and friends)
Tommy and I were supposed to do some shopping tonight. Instead, we went to dinner and then to Barnes and Noble for some reading. We scooted our big comfy chairs close to each other. I think they should start renting space heaters at Barnes and Noble. I would rent one and put it an inch from my feet while I perused random books. Tonight, I read some of David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice. It was good...funny. While sipping my coffee I heard the faintest student voice calling me by my teacher name. Sure enough! He had that same look students always have. The one that reads You have a life outside of our elementary school?? Nuh-uh??
At dinner tonight I had a berries gone wild martini and it smelled just exactly like he kisses that my old strawberry shortcake doll used to blow. I was telling Tommy about it and he asked if I put something inside the doll to make the kisses smell that way. Of course, I didn't...but, how then did her breath smell so berry-liscious for so may years. I haven't a clue. I never thought about it. I certainly wish someone would come out with a perfume that lasted that long. Or...even last a whole day!
I love getting Christmas cards with annual pictures in them. It's great! We always send one out but may have to skip this year. Christmas crept up soooo fast!
AFter the holiday dust settles....I am going to work on unpacking and organizing and decorating the upstairs. That will be both fun and helpful!
Welp, the coffee from earlier has worn off and I am fading. Must get to bed so that I can find my b in the morning.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

for you...

When you're on the outside, baby, and you can't get in
I will show're so much better than you know.
When you're lost
And you're alone
You can't get back again
I will find you, darlin, and I'll bring you home.
~Sade, By Your Side

Sunday, December 03, 2006

now all I need is snow.....

I'm headed to bed after a long day of decorating! With the trees up and the lights twinkling....I know it's a bit cliche....but it's beginning to look alot like Christmas.....
The socks? They are our own homemade version of an advent calendar...from December1-24 we will find a little gift/note/something in there each day. (I have the odd days, Tommy has the even) So far, so good. Helps us to enjoy the entire month leading up to the big day. I'm happy about it...and excited to add it to our Christmas traditions.
Below....our great room pencil tree.
The first ornament Tommy ever gave me. I just love getting it back out each year. It seems like yesterday and then it seems so long ago, too.

The sock advent calendar going up the staircase. Ewwwww...looks like day 4 has a note in it already....

The main tree in the dining room...less something for the top. Going to have to be something small, huh....since the tree is nearly busting throught the ceiling...
Cheers to a wonderful holiday season....