Wednesday, November 26, 2008

party recap

Here are some photos of Isabella's first birthday party. They are all jumbled and out of order because that is the way blogger loads! It was a lovely time...and Tommy and I (and Isabella, too) enjoyed celebrating with family and friends.

DIY Jones soda labels

I cheaped out on the Jones Soda personalized labels from the company ($50 for a 12 pack) but really wanted them for the party so I spent an entire evening creating my own labels. They turned out cute and ended up being more personalized than the ones they offer (because of the information on the back)...the only drawback is that you can't put these in a bucket of ice like you could the ones from the company as these do not have the waterproof laminate like theirs do. We put some in the fridge and some just sat out. Jones is a tasty soda, we think!

Party favors...I saved all of her baby food jars (stage 2) and we painted the lids and filled them with tiny snickerdoodles (that mom and I stayed up until 2am baking the night before the party). The only had to eat them within a day or two or they ended up taking on a wee bit of the paint flavor of the lid. Who "saves" cookies anyway? We topped them off with some ribbon and a tag to match her party colors.

What party is complete without your BFF and your cousin? This is the ride-on toy that Chase got for Isabella (that he fully intended on taking back after the party.) He kept his eyes on it at all times!

It has a horn that she's pretty fond of! We've worn a path around the kitchen and living room...but, just like her mommy, she can barely enjoy the ride because she's too busy looking behind her to make sure one of us is still there with her, pushing. She's not much on hanging out alone. I don't know wheeeeeere she gets it?!

So much celebrating makes one veeeeery tired!

Grammy and Papa got her a baby doll carriage which was a big hit!
Getting some birthday love from her two biggest fans...

The PB chair from my parents made a perfect "throne" on which to open all the surprises!

Cake...sliced and ready to eat!

Digging in to her little smash cake (again, we're going backward...starting with the clean up pictures)

Wondering if she was seriously allowed to make a mess with the cake...looking for some reassurance.


Playing with daddy and uncle Chris.

Two of her birthday pictures...and then a picture of her the day she came home from the hospital. 5 pounds, 5 ounces... it makes me cry each time I look at it.

Some appetizers...

A nacho bar and Cincinnati Chili...two of our faves.

before the madness

Her cake was exactly what I hoped it would be...beautiful and delicious! It was made by my very talented and sweet friend Amanda. She needs to go into business, don't you think.

And that is all for now. The birthday girl is napping at the moment and when she wakes she will have some lunch (she has graduated to whole milk now!) and then we are going to try to head out to do some Christmas shopping. I am looking forward to time off work and visiting with family over this extended weekend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well, here we are are sweet pea. One year ago today at this very hour daddy and I were packing up to head to the hospital. I was having contractions and was shaking like a leaf and your dad was readying the house and dogs for our absence. An entire year has passed and yet I still remember what I was wearing and the way your dad ushered me gently to the car. I remember blowing out the candle on the stove and looking around the house, knowing that it would never be the same again. I remember the prayers we said for you as we traveled the expressway...closer and closer to meeting you.
There we sat in a still hospital room. It was late and we were headed into unknown territory...tired but wired. I was in bed and your dad sat close by in a rocking chair. In the hours that followed, your birth peeled back the many layers of our marriage and revealed to us a love so strong that even we, the main characters of the story, were in awe. You were the physical evidence of our love, our union....and we have never been more speechless. We loved each other as husband and wife before you....and now we have added a fierce love for one another as parents. All because of you.
To say that you have brightened our lives would be an understatement. What ever did we do before there was you? You have added a magic to each day that we didn't know existed. You are the miracle we dreamed of. You are all of our wishes combined. You are our love personified.
You are everything to us.
As you celebrate your 1st birthday tomorrow....know that it has been the greatest year of our lives.

And by the way, the present daddy and I got you won't arrive until April. It's a sibling. We hope you'll love him/her.
Happy birthday!