Thursday, December 29, 2005

Never seen ya happier, lil' brother!

Look at that smile! One cannot hide true happiness ~ that is for sure! He is so very happy and we are so very happy for him! Libby is a great addition to our family! We are looking forward to many more memories with the two of them!


Anonymous said...

wow sara. he's so grown up!!!
congrats to him.


blake said...

nice picture

blake said...

sara and tommy,
this blog is such an awesome dipiction of your life. what great memories!! we love you guys. you are such wonderful friends! We love you. Blake and Tex

Dad said...

Cute kids

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

I can't believe that's the same little brother you had while we were in college. Makes me feel so old!
And I love reading your dad's comments... my dad comments with the same brevity and 'tone'. So funny. We love our dads!