Thursday, December 29, 2005

One of my favorite parts of the season..... knowing that there will almost always be something in the mailbox other than bills! I love Christmas cards...especially the ones with pictures in them! I think that we don't write enough letters in this day and age! With e mails and faxes and seems rare to get a card in your mailbox. In 2006, I vow to write more letters.

** I need to come up with a better way to display cards next year. Each time the dogs run by...a few cards swirl to the floor! Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara!!
Love your table with the cards...isn't it so fun to get them in the mail?
If you want a different way to display them then try Terri's idea of a Christmas card tree.
Have a wonderful New Year...I am enjoying looking at all your pics.
AliciaS (GLU)

Anonymous said...

The table looks great with all the cards but I understand the dog thing all too well!!! :-) I keep mine in a Christmas basket on a table in the entryway, but of course that does not fully show them off. Alicia is right about Terri's card tree...the pix I have seen are really cute!

I love seeing pictures of your home. It is gorgeous!!!

~Kristen :-)

Anonymous said...

I just love this picture...something about the hats hanging that gets me!!
I used the basket idea this year but have to check out Terri's tree idea.

Love looking at your pictures.

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Hey thanks, I see ours in there! Loved yours. Your display is too cute. I'd sacrifice for the cuteness. What's picking up a few cards every hour or so??? Ha, ha.