Tuesday, February 14, 2006


As I was teaching Literacy this morning....these roses were delivered to my classroom. It was a surprise because Tommy and I agreed to wait until Saturday to celebrate. They were so beautiful! All the kids wanted to smell them and touch them. (Of course, their little noses must make contact with the rose for them to be able to actually smell the fragrance!)
One of my little boys said, "Man, you better remember to say thanks for those!" I had to smile because I frequently remind myself of that!
Lots to be thankful for....
~Tommy...my valentine.
~My wonderful parents.
~2 amazing dogs.
~a super smart, strong brother.
~a job that I love.
~Ice cream that is low fat but doesn't taste low fat.
~my camera.
~The sun that peeked through the clouds today. (I'm already dreaming of Buffet and the lake.)
~US magazine that keeps me entertained.
~Black and white photos.
~Green tea from Panera.
~TV shows that make me belly laugh.
~Quotes like this one that make me smile...When you love someone, all of your saved -up wishes start coming out.
- Elizabeth Bowen -

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whitney said...

what a sweet husband.

exciting news about casey huh? yeah for them.

you next? ;)