Sunday, March 19, 2006


Mom and Dave came to visit on Friday! We went to our favorite restaurant on the river. (I think it's the proximity to the water that we are so fond of, not so much the food.) It was very yummy though--we enjoyed it!

Several trips to the airport dropping Blake and Tex, then Justin...then picking them both to go to the airport...I'm always wondering where people are going?? Most look happy and excited to be traveling. Some look as though they are dreading the trip. But, as I said--most look excited. I always see other people's luggage and think to myself, "Hey, I want that!" More often than not, the said luggage has a monogram on it. I'll have to check into that. I also always see tan people at the airport. I need a tan far worse than a piece of monogrammed luggage, that is for sure.
Sadly, UK lost this afternoon. Needless to say, my dear husband was not a happy camper. He refuses to believe that Tubby CAN NOT hear him screaming insults at him--so he continues to coach the Cats from our living room. I was glad we didn't have any frieds over to watch the game. I am quite certain that they would have been frightened by his craziness.

After a brief period of mourning for our team...we moved on to other cherished Sunday activities...some reading, napping, ironing, etc. As you can see, Tommy's most recent interest is building his own home. I would personally rather not....but we shall see.

Here are some more Sara Kate pics that I love.

Time for the Sopranos! Goodnight...


Tommy said...


You make me the happiest husband in the world. I'm sorry that I haven't had much time to check your blog. I know that it is one of many of your passions. You are amazing at taking pictures. Thank you for not taking a picture of me when Kentucky gave up two offensive rebounds to uconn. People might have gotten worried. On a more serious note, you are amazing to me and I cherish every second that we spend together. I love you baby...

Anonymous said...

Cute baby! I bet there are some happy grandparents!