Tuesday, May 30, 2006

boat drinks.

So much fun this past weekend...hanging out on Dock Holiday and enjoying the very hot weather! We did lots of relaxing, talking, visiting, and laughing!! And we celebrated...Libby is now a college graduate! Yay for her! What an exciting time for the two of them. We couldn't be happier.
Dad got a new jet-ski for the boat. It is way faster than I ever care to go. (I like to stay around 30 mph which drives Tommy crazy!) Unfortunately, the lake is so littered with debris that it's more work than fun...trying to refrain from running over a tree stump! We did get in to cool off even though the lake is still a bit chilly. I washed my hair in it and nearly froze to death.

Finishing up school this week...parent/teacher conferences and such. An elementary school building is sad without the kiddos. I spent the day working in my room...cleaning, purging, thinking, reflecting.... and it was soooooo quiet. The kids really are the soul of a school. When they are gone for the summer the silence is deafening. I'm thankful for all the kids I've taught. Sending them on their way each May is a proud moment for a teacher. They come so far in the span of a school year...all of them. I love my job--but make no mistake-I love my June, July, and August, too.

Off to do laundry, eat dinner, and get ready for vacation. We have to do lots of snuggling with the dogs..they are giving us the silent treatment for leaving them at home too much. And they thought they got adopted by 2 homebodies...HA! Not this month.

Sidenote...this will be our last Tuesday with television. Next week starts "No TV Tuesdays" wherein we do not watch TV....we talk, read our marriage books, listen to CD's, anything other than TV! Tommy is pumped! Stay tuned for the myriad of excuses he will give next Tuesday. It should be interesting.

PS...Steph, Thanks for reading the blog! I sat and talked to your mom for a good while on Saturday..... we were both wshing that you and Mike (and Tyler, of course!) could have been there! Maybe next time, I hope...the lake wasn't the same without you. Janae and I always talk about the afternoon that we spent floating on rafts, talking about life, and drinking Danny boys. That is, until the ol' water patrol arrived! good, good times...


Jen said...

A boat trip sounds wonderful! We're trying to get one together for September...we had so much fun last year.

Enjoy "NO TV TUESDAY". It's the best marriage enrichment we could ever do!

whitney said...

everyday is no tv days for us. going on 5 months with no cable. :)
maybe we should have "no dvd" tuesdays since we're addicted to netflix.

i still can't believe your brother is all grown up.

we're off to disney world for my work convention next week. i like to call it a vacation, but in fact i work most of the time. trey is keen to point that out alot since he gets to bask by the pool for several days.

my mom decided to retire from the school system this year. she deserves it. glad you are enjoying it.

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

The lake trip looks sooo relaxing. I'll bet it feels great to have the summer off.

No TV (whichever weekday) would not go over well with Mike. He's like a little kid... you turn it on and he's in a different world, hearing nor seeing anything else going on. If ever I want him to stop pestering me, I can turn on SportsCenter and his eyes instantly glaze over.

What do you do with your pups when you're on vacation?