Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Long time...no blog...

I have been a very slacking blogger. My excuses range from being very busy all the way to being a tad bit burned out on the blog thing. I do like it though--and want to keep it up. Maybe when school is out (IN 8
DAYS!!!!!!) I'll have more time. We shall see.
Looking forward to vacation. So
happy to be going
somewhere I've never been...and with fun friends, too. I'm really looking forward to the little umbrella that I will insist on having in my drink.....and the massage!
Heading to the lake, first. Dad--if you are reading this anymore...we can't wait to get down to Dock Holiday! We have been craving a lake trip.
Sad that the dogs will be in a kennel for so long though. 2 trips will make them think we have left them for good! Of course, I will be ready to come home to them! We miss them the most at night!
Here are some recent pictures...I have no idea in what order blogger will decide to post them...so I'll just say that some were taken on Mother's Day...and some are of a recent baby shoot I did.
Happy Tuesday....


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

So where are you going on vacation?! And with who?

I'm so glad school's almost out and you'll have an entire summer to look forward to. You look great and your photography is awesome! I wish we were closer so I could hire you to photograph our bundle come October.

whitney said...

damn chick. was wondering when you were going to pop up again. missed your blogs.

Jennifer Bogard said...

I've missed you and your blog! I feel so disconnected when you don't post!

want to hear more about this vacation...sounds like a ball!

Looking forward to our shoot this week...hoping the princess will be agreeable on that day...she has strep but is starting to get over it.

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

How can you be too busy to blog? It will be good to spend some time with you guys at the lake. If the weather is nice we will have to fire up the engines for a cruise.