Sunday, June 18, 2006

mow wah hee mow wah hah mow wah hee hee hah hah.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I hope you enjoyed your weekend with all of us kiddos. Thanks for being you and for loving me!

We are home from the and sound. We had a perfect weekend...truly perfect. We had quite a crew on Dock Holiday....10 of us! It was such a fun really had to be there. We got to meet Libby's family (well, her sisters and their spouses) and they were, of course, just as sweet as Libby is. Allison and Chris and Becky and Jason...all very great people. It seemed to me that we had always been friends after knowing each other for only an hour or so. We played games, drank danny boys, tubed, laughed a bunch, read, ate, laughed some more, ate some more, played cards, danced to Romanian music, caught some sunshine, took boat rides, and more.

from l to r... becky, jason, chris, allison, lib, and jus.

I think Tommy gave me a slight case of whiplash during this kiss!

(Above) This is everyone getting ready to go against my wishes and jump from a cliff that they had no idea how deep the water was underneath!! Don't they all look sneaky? Tommy has been in pain ever it is possible that he learned his lesson!

Kissing the soon to be Mrs. Dozeman!

Tubing is a sport that seems fun while you are doing it---but hurts so bad later that you find yourself wondering WHY you would partake in such an activity. My forearms are like jelly as I type this!
This is Becky and Jason on the red tube and Jus and Libby on the green.....and below is a shot of one of many wipeouts!
Ladies, if you are reading was so nice to meet you! Tommy and I think you are all wonderful! We loved hanging out and getting to know you. Lots of pictures are coming your way! I got some great ones.

And now....must get in bed. Gotta rest up...I'm going to be making some sweet moo-lah with Uncle Rico tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

looks like lots of fun. how was the weather?

Janae said...

great weekend and great people! It was nice to meet Libby's family...looking forward to meeting the rest. And thank you so much for the awesome pictures Sara...LOVE'EM.