Tuesday, July 04, 2006

july fourth.

Is this cool or what? Fattening, yes....but cool, nonetheless! Tommy's aunt got us this neat butter contraption that does all sorts of crazy things with butter. Below, Tommy and I got a little carried away with the butter on his breakfast...we just couldn't help ourselves! (No, he didn't eat all of that butter!)And....the finished product on the patio...we love it so much! It is very pretty!
Blogger refuses to post pictures in order....thus, a close up of the butter shoelaces on top of the waffles!
And here...Pepper awaits his birthday celebratory treat! He is only 7 years old but I cannot tell you what he means to me. It is so reasonable to me that Pepper represents all that is secure and safe. I constantly pet him...even unknowingly. He knows me so well ....and I know him. If he could drive...he would drive a Mercedes. If he shopped...it would be strictly Armani. If he ate steak...it would be from Morton's. He is a class act! (Although I know for a fact that he would stay up late and eat $2 Pizza Rolls with his mom!)
They say dogs laugh with their tails. If that is true...I have 2 very happy dogs! Hence the blur!
Abby takes a peek...even though it is so not her birthday!
Pepper's choice birthday treat... a Collie Cannoli. (Could be spelled wrong???)
And for his sister...he picked a Boston Terrier Cream Pie! She was happy with the choice.
The birthday boy takes a look!
It was a fun celebration...even though I think they both had belly aches afterward! Long naps followed.
Happy 5th Anniversary to Dad and Janae! We went to Steve and Heidi's house to watch fireworks! I hope there are lots of fireworks in Jamaica! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

I am thankful for freedom tonight...which is a blessing I frequently take for granted...I must admit.


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Happy Birthday, Pepper! Don't you love the Three Dog Bakery?! I wish they had one here.

Happy Anniversary to your dad!

The patio looks great. I would love to do some outdoor work around here, but it's so hot I can barely stand to stay out there more than 10 minutes. And my pregnancy doesn't help matters, I'm sure.

My gosh, that's a ton of butter.

Allison said...

Happy Birthday, Pepper! Looks like a great party! Hope you both had a great 4th of July. I am updating Jack's blog with the beach and parade pictures so check him out later!! Hope it wasn't too hot in KY. Lake Michigan was perfect!! Lots of sun and a good breeze!!

Love the patio!

Rachel said...

Love the dog treats...please tell me where i can get some for Willy.

Tom & Judy said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Pepper! We (me and the Westies) hope it was wonderful!