Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Can't come up with a picture to post tonight...it seems I've been taking pictures of everyone else...and never my own family.
I'm currently typing on a laptop with no "b" key because Abby decided to hurl herself up into my lap this evening when I wasn't ready for her.....aaaaaaaaand, the result? 3 keys went flying...and the b is the one I can't find. Must put that on my list of "to-do's" tomorrow. (Along with....buy every single Christmas gift for family and friends)
Tommy and I were supposed to do some shopping tonight. Instead, we went to dinner and then to Barnes and Noble for some reading. We scooted our big comfy chairs close to each other. I think they should start renting space heaters at Barnes and Noble. I would rent one and put it an inch from my feet while I perused random books. Tonight, I read some of David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice. It was good...funny. While sipping my coffee I heard the faintest student voice calling me by my teacher name. Sure enough! He had that same look students always have. The one that reads You have a life outside of our elementary school?? Nuh-uh??
At dinner tonight I had a berries gone wild martini and it smelled just exactly like he kisses that my old strawberry shortcake doll used to blow. I was telling Tommy about it and he asked if I put something inside the doll to make the kisses smell that way. Of course, I didn't...but, how then did her breath smell so berry-liscious for so may years. I haven't a clue. I never thought about it. I certainly wish someone would come out with a perfume that lasted that long. Or...even last a whole day!
I love getting Christmas cards with annual pictures in them. It's great! We always send one out but may have to skip this year. Christmas crept up soooo fast!
AFter the holiday dust settles....I am going to work on unpacking and organizing and decorating the upstairs. That will be both fun and helpful!
Welp, the coffee from earlier has worn off and I am fading. Must get to bed so that I can find my b in the morning.


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

I used to love my Strawberry Shortcake doll. And you're right about the smell. I found mine again a few years ago and I couldn't believe it STILL had the scent! Good luck getting your shopping done. I'm so glad mine's done!

Anonymous said...

I hope christmas was fun for you guys. Ali's favorite thing is perusing around B&N, she likes the holiday Peppermint Mochas a LOT. And a doll that blows kisses? It's hard to imagine that the smell could be good.-Thomas

Rachel said...

i can't believe that little miss organized did not get her xmas cards out this year...disappointed in you Sara Beth. Did you get the one of me and Willy?