Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wherever has the summer gone?

{the view from our trip...dominican republic...summer 07}

Look at me...back to blogging twice in one week! I'm more in the mood for a list of randoms than a real post...
  • It was so cold here today. I actually saw real snowflakes! They melted before they even hit the windshield...but they were flakes, nonetheless.
  • I'm finiding it a bit harder than I expected to turn my class over to a sub. Oh, sure...they'll be fine...but it feels wierd and not so comfortable. How am I going to do being a stay at home mom? Hmmmmmm....
  • Abby is displaying signs of baby jealousy already--this stresses me out.
  • I really wanted to make snickerdoodles tonight but just couldn't muster up the energy.
  • I need to finish 2 photo shoots and then I am done for a few months.....I'll miss taking snowy pictures.
  • I am in love with the swiffer wet jet mop thingy (thanks, al)
  • Though I love the summer and scenes like the one pictured above...I am ready for the winter holidays. (then hurry, hurry spring--before it gets too boring and gloomy)
  • Speaking of heat, Tommy was sweet to get me a pregnancy massage since I am a wee bit uncomfortable. It was at the salon that I go to here in town. I was very excited...scheduled it for yesterday...went in there nice and sore and ready for some relief. Well, long story short, they have you resting on this bed of water (supposed to simulate the womb) which was a lovely idea in theory...except that it was so hot that I couldn't stand it. I was sweating and obsessing that the baby was getting too hot. Finally, I had to ask her to remove the water effect (which I'm assuming was the main point of the massage) and even after she did, I concentrated on feeling the baby move so I could make sure she was ok rather than concentrating on the nice massage I was receiving. I swear, I was halfway home before I cooled off. From now on, I will stick to scalp or feet massages. They are my favorite.
  • I miss my brother and sister-in-law...what is it? 7 maybe 8 days until they arrive?
  • I just got my hands on some back issues of Martha Stewart Baby magazine which I am very excited about. I told Tommy I would save them and he could use them for a sock gift (see advent calendar post from last year) but seriously, there is no way I can wait until December 1. I think I lied.
  • I am very scared about labor. Have I mentioned this before? Surely not?
  • I am wondering why you don't update your blog, Blake?
  • I should probably be in bed since I am never to receive a solid nights sleep for the next decade.
  • I will miss all the random conversations I have had with strangers about being pregnant. It has renewed my faith in the niceness of people in the world.
  • I will not miss heartburn.
  • Heartburn=a baby with hair, or so I have I bought her 5 tiny bows...just in case the heartburn really is from that. They are packed in the "hospital bag" that I had a very hard time packing.
  • Our house is officially decorated for the holidays. Will have to post photos of the tree (yes, singular, the first time in 4 years that we only put one tree up--we decided that was the parent-y thing to do--since we'll have a newborn this year during the "clean up/take down process."
  • Tomorrow is Friday...and Friday is the best day, in my opinion. I'm off to bank some sleep. Each night I find myself thinking, "Could this be the night?" I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen tonight. Surely not.


Anonymous said...

That stinks that the massage didn't work out. Mine was wonderful. It was only warm--not hot.

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Yeah the heartburn thing - not true. I had to have a prescription because mine was soooo bad during pregnancy. So I thought for sure AK would have a headful. And look at her, she's a year and three weeks now and still barely any! ha, ha

Sending lots of well wishes and prayers your way. We're so excited for you and Tommy!

Sara said...

Case--I got a headband/bow thingy too--just in case you are right and she is hairless! I figure, either way, I've got it covered!

Anonymous said...

Everything will be fine! No worries! I can not wait to see her.
Dad /Grandfather