Sunday, February 03, 2008

Baby dedication is coming up. I have been trying to make plans for the day...thinking about invitations, lunch plans, something for her to wear....and most importantly, about the promise we will make that day (the one we've already made in our hearts) to do our very best to raise her in a Godly home. The dress in the picture below is exactly 90 years old. It was worn by my mom's mom, my mom, me, and now her. It usually hangs on a peg in her nursery for a touch of sentimental vintage, but I wanted to photograph her in it even though it is too old for her to wear to church. The two images below are probably my favorites of the shoot.

Isabella Grace in her great grandmother's blessing dress, February 08.

I think I have decided that she will wear this little gown from Pixie Lily to church. It is soft, yet fancier than average, and I love that it is white. This isn't a baptism, only a dedication, so I think it will be fine. Problem is I ordered it to fit her right a 0-3 months size and therefor must stop feeding her until the first of March. I am a complete novice when it comes to baby size charts.

weekend recap...
We had a busy weekend! We headed to my hometown to do some visiting and to watch the game at one of my oldest and dearest friend's house.
We planned to leave by noon. We slightly underestimated the amount of packing and arranging it would take to make Isabella's first overnighter a success. The Stuff.... so much stuff....taking up so much room! Tommy headed out early that morning to purchase a cage/barrier thingy to install in the back of the truck so that the dogs could ride back there and Ella would be safe from them landing on her in the event of an accident. Since the dogs were riding in th back-back, that left very little room for large items that were necessities such as the stroller, the pac-n-play, our bags, etc. Long story short, we did a lot of creative packing and hit the road by 4pm. As I said, we underestimated---bigtime.
We visited some friends of mine and then dropped the pups off at mom's and met her for dinner. It was delicious.
The night (her first night away from home and her cradle) went far better than we imagined. In fact, she slept 7 whole hours. It was wonderful. I would say that it was the best sleep we've gotten, except I can't say that because Tommy and I were crammed into my childhood double bed. His feet were hanging 12 inches off the bed and my nose was touching the wall. Despite that, we were still very grateful for a more than full night's sleep. The pac-n-play worked like a charm.
While I fed the baby this morning my mom sat in the living room with me and looked through my baby and childhood photos. It was so fun to compare my baby pictures to hers and to reflect on the past. We laughed a lot (terrible hair-dos and even worse prom dates) and cried a quick tear or two.
We picked up some lunch and headed out to my Grandma's so she could see the baby. We were disappointed that several family members had the flu and couldn't stop in...but it was great to see the ones we could. We don't get home enough. I don't know where the time goes.
After lunch we ran and errand or two and then went over to Erin and Joe's. The guys watched the game while Erin and I discussed everything from diaper bags (can NOT find one I like) to plans for me to photograph her upcoming wedding. We ate pizza and played with out girls. The first half was over in a flash and we headed for home. Tommy thought sure the halftime show would take 45 minutes to an hour. Another case of underestimation. We got home in time to see the last couple minutes of the game....and the Giants won....and that is what we were hoping all is well.
Home safe is a good feeling. I just dread the unpacking. The kitchen is littered with things that all need to be returned to their rightful location by tomorrow afternoon. This upcoming week is a busy one.
My book club is up and running again. I am waiting for a couple more responses from ladies I haven't heard back from. It will be fun to have our old crew from last year along with some newbies. Our first selection is Eat, Pray, Love. I have heard lots of positive feedback about it and am looking forward to getting back into the habit of reading before bed each night.


joel and amy said...

I so love the tradition here. The dress is is of course, the baby! And by the way..yippee Giants! I am so excited for Eli Manning!

chesnye said...

What a beautiful, sentimental dress!! We have a gown that all of the children in our family have worn and I just love it. The dry cleaners lost the old family gown:(
I just love Christening Days. They are the most emotional days besides your babies birth day. I just hope that you don't cry almost uncontrollably like I did at Will Henry's. I just couldn't get myself under control, even during the luncheon after. I think Amy was at church that day and I KNOw she will remember. I'm sure everyone remembers. It was quite embarrassing. I bet I would win an award for most emotional Momma if they had it :)
Oh well, there is always next time....
With much love,

susan said...

mary margaret wore her daddy's gown that was made by his godmother. that day is still one of my favorites in her sweet little life. something our church does made it even more special--maybe you all could suggest this. they handed out a piece of paper in the bulletin to each person attending and had that person write a message to mary margaret about the day of her baptism. we made a book out of it and will always treasure it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you to read Eat, Pray, is SO good! I know you will LOVE it. Let me know what you think!


rhonda said...

WOW. that is just beautiful. her first picture looks like a porcelain doll. we don't have any sort of traditional dress like that..i SOOO wish we did.....i'm gonna start the tradition with annaleigh...we are going to meet next week with our minister to discuss dedication vs. baptism...
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

She looks fake, but oh so pretty. What a special dress. I am leaving a comment for every post so you won't say I don't comment. I am also only leaving my initials so the crazy Nigerian man won't be able to track me.

Anonymous said...

when is the dedication? were we invited?

Anonymous said...