Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hope yours was hoppy!

Ella & her basket.

She's a fan of Easter!

Surrounded by all the little gifts the bunny left her! (and seemingly not phased by the fact that he didn't leave her a slicky suit!)

Excited about wearing her big girl shoes to church.

Loves a good camera....just like her momma.

A book with her name & mine! It's bound to be a favorite! (It's one "H" away from being perfect for us!)
Hope your Easter was happy, too. We enjoyed a leisurely morning. We had a delicious breakfast of bagels and coffee. We even got to church EARLY! The service was extremely moving and we got to see/hear it all because Isabella was quiet as a mouse. We had a late lunch at Tommy's family's house and enjoyed visiting with everyone and hunting eggs in the living room as it was snowing huge flakes outside. Now we're home and we're all heading to bed early. Easter wore us out.


the redhead said...

she is a cutie. love those pictures.

chesnye said...

Ella looks like she had a fantastic first Easter!! Easter is just so special with little children. Making baskets, colorings eggs, egg hunts, and those special pastel dress clothes. What's not to love???

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty in pink! We had fun, too! Firsts are so much fun... I e-mailed you some pics of Clara but they came back to me. Is your e-mail box full?

-erin m said...

we drove through that freak snow storm! It was a stressful drive home after a busy easter weekend. Sounds like you all had a good one :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures so much—she looks so grown up!!! I hope she enjoys all her books and toys. Did you decide anything about going to the houseboat on Friday evening this week?

Anonymous said...

She is so stinking cute..looks like the Easter Bunny was very generous...

Justin said...

hey sister,

great work with this blog. i am going to copy and paste this entry on mine. you are an amazing writer. Ella does look like Tommy a little, which I think is cool. Lets get together soon