Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're waiting for the Easter Bunny...

Isabella Grace, Easter, March 08

I did a session with Isabella (and her dad!) on Saturday using my new studio lighting. I am still working on several shots and will add them soon, but you can view some of the others by clicking here.
I did a black/white Easter rather than pastels. I know it's extremely non-traditional...but I like it. The basket liner with her name on it is pale green/white gingham but I decided to take it out for the photos (in the nick of time, too, as she spit up in the basket just minutes after I removed it!)
Anyway, we will dye eggs tomorrow night and then we'll be ready. I have totally enjoyed gathering some Easter basket goodies for her. I realize it might be a bit insane...as she is just 4 months old and surely won't get into the whole basket joy. But I will. And, I will take pictures for her so that she can see that she did, indeed, have a first Easter Basket.

Speaking of insane...are we the only lame brains that tuned into the season opener for the Bachelor last night? I haven't watched it for several seasons but decided to watch this season. A few thoughts about it: (I'm so hoping someone else watched it and will validate here!)
~one girl played a clarinet for him. Really? Seriously? (not that there is anything wrong with playing an instrument, it just seemed a little akward.)
~one girl listed her profession as "hot dog vendor." Tommy and I agree that we will later find out that her dad owns Oscar Meyer or something. (again, nothing at all wrong with being a hot dog vendor...we just think there might be more to the story there.)
~one girl got absolutely smashed (and proceeded to give the bachelor her undies) Again, seriously?
~one girl arm wrestled the bachelor. I still can't fathom why.
~one girl (apparently to impress) bit the side out of a beer can. Lovely.
~one girl used the "L" word on the first night.
See, if you didn't tune in...you missed some interesting stuff.
I told Tommy that when each girl got out of the limo I wanted him to say one of three things...HOT, DECENT, or UNATTRACTIVE. He agreed.
(Before I make him sound like too much of a homer, I should mention that he was going along with my little game because we have watched nothing but ESPN for oh, say, 7 months straight. He owes me some shows and it just so hapens that I picked the ol' Bachelor.)
Anyway, hot, decent, or unattractive. The first girl gets out (whom we have since picked as the winner and who received the first impression rose) and he hesitates and then says, "hot." I then get mad. I should have never given him the word hot as a choice. It is way too........too........jealousy-inducing. (I made that word up.) So, I say, "You know what, let's go ahead and change "hot" to "pretty." I can deal with "pretty" better than I can deal with "hot".
For some reason after that, he hardly gave out any pretties. Mostly decents with a few unattractives thrown in for good measure.
Question: How much of that is juiced up for television. For example: Do they choose a handful of the girls and say,
"I'm sorry, but you've been chosen to make a fool of yourself to boost our ratings. Your assignment: Tell him you love him approximately 4 minutes after you meet him."
Lib, Al, Beck...do you remember a year or so ago when I made us all act out how we would get out of the limo and walk up and greet the bachelor? It still makes me laugh.


The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

First off-the pic is gorgeous, as is the new header of your blog! You go, girl! And yes, they did seem like a desperate group of fluzies on the bachelor last night, huh? Makes me thank my lucky stars I never had to go to such drastic measure to meet my hubby. I bet their mamas were so proud last night as their children bit the sides out of beer cans and gave away their panties. Ugh. If I have a daughter like that, I'll croak!

milton and lucys said...

i will admit that my husband and i watched the bachelor. why, i am not sure. but i did catch all of the idiocies. is that a word???
my husband hit the mute button when the red head played the claranet and changed the channel when the songwriter played him a song he was so embarrased for them.
that show is such a train wreck, you simply can't stop watching for fear you will miss someone making a fool of themself :)

mommy to be blog said...

Sara the new photos of Ella are beautiful. I will be scheduling our pictures for next month and also for the fall. Where did you get her Easter Basket and also what camera took those pictures?

Meg Palmer said...

Once again, gorgeous pics! If I ever have kids, can we visit you, like once a week for a photo shoot? As far as the bachelor goes, of course I watched it! Royal Blue dress, face down on the bathroom tile, CLASSIC! Although the first episode was very entertaining, bachelor has nothing on temptation island! Hope to see you sometime soon!

-erin m said...

Thanks. I dont think she does. I was just so upset last night when i read her latest post. I'd want someone to lift me up after a hit like that so I figured what's better than tons of people praying for you?! Btw. I just started reading our book today, yikes. little behind.

JenniferPants said...

What a cutie in the basket! You take awesome photos and Ella makes a great subject.

I can't wait to put together an easter basket for Cooper. My Mom always made such a big fuss over it when we were kids and I loved it. Our baskets were filled with a spring outfit, candy, bunny themed items and other fun little goodies. Actually, she still gives us baskets! Enjoy putting Ella's first basket together!

sara said...

So glad that some of you also watched the Bachelor. Now Tommy and I don't feel so bad!
Milton and Lucy...I know what you mean about changing the channel out of embarrassment. We kept cringing, too.
Christina...I often think of that very same thing..."What are their parents thinking as they watch from their living rooms?"
Mommy to be...thanks for the compliment. Give me a call to set up a shoot. I got the basket and the liner from Pottery Barn Kids and the photos were taken with my nikon this time. (canon last time)
Meg-You are so right, nothing holds a candle to Tempattion Island. Remember this, "Billy is going to kill me!" And remember how hot we thought Kya was? Call me.
Erin-I am halfway through the book. It is sad. Get to reading...I want to see you Wednesday night.
Jennifer...You might have gotten spring themed outfits BUT DID YOU GET A MICHAEL JACKSON SLICKY SUIT like me?? Huh, huh, did you? Actually, I think we got matching outfits one year for Easter. Remember the jean knickers with red suspenders? I, too, love Easter baskets. I plan to always make a big deal of them just like our moms did. Next year, you'll get to do one too!