Saturday, May 10, 2008

a day for mom

Grandma 90, Mom 59, Sara 30, Isabella 3 months
4 generations of love

The only way I know how to be a mother is by having had the best one to teach me.
One who taught me by always putting my needs before her own.
One who taught me by holding me to a high standard.
One who taught me by putting notes on a heart shape in my lunch box.
One who taught me by laughing with me.
One who taught me by showing me practically the entire 50 states.
One who taught me by sitting on a curb and eating ice cream with me...with sprinkles.
One who taught me by always being there....always.
One who taught me by buying me special first day of school outfits.
One who taught me by cheering me on every chance she got...(every chance she still gets!)
One who taught me by being my mom first and my friend second.
One who taught me by crying in church. (I never understood it then. Now it's me who cries.)
One who taught me by trusting me.
One who taught me by giving so freely of herself.
One who taught me by teaching me that it is time, not money, that people need most.
One who taught me by having fun wherever she is.
One who taught me by hosting giant birthday parties for me each year wherein 10-15 loud girls piled onto the living room floor and talked on the swatch phone into the wee hours of the night.
One who taught me by always looking out for me.
One who taught me by showing me that an education was essential.
One who taught me by doing so much for others.
One who taught me loving so unconditionally.
I could literally go on for hours...but it is midnight now and since I am a momma....I must get my rest.

This mother's heart goes out to this tiny angel who is the very one who made me a mother. I must give the glory first to God....for deciding that I was worthy of raising this precious soul....and then to my husband for helping to create her. Being her mother is the best and most fulfilling work I have ever endeavored to do.

Happy Mother's my mom and to my mother-in-law.....and to all the many wonderful mothers I know!


Anonymous said...

So sweet. I cry sometimes in church too, why do we do that? We really enjoyed Isabella last evening. She is absolutely precious and has the most beautiful smile! Happy Mother's Day!

Tracy said...

What an amazing picture!

Anonymous said...

happy mother's tommy really wearing his orange t-shirt?

Anonymous said...


Meg Palmer said...

Love the 4 generation shot! You have so many priceless pics! Happy belated Mom's day! Isabella is adorable! Tell Tommy we said hello!

kristen said...

I love love love that first picture. Did you decide on and order your mom's day gift yet? Do it!!

JB & Angie said...

I love the "generation" picture...what a cherished photo.

JenniferPants said...

What a sweet post. Aren't mothers wonderful? I love the picture with Grandma's hand. Beautiful!

Happy Mother's Day, Sara!

rhonda said...

hey sara. annaleigh has FOUR great-grandmother's who were all able to visit her in january..i took a picture of their hands all together holding hers...too sweet! i sent each of those special ladies a framed picture of the hands and said "my grandmother's hands watch over me as she clasps them together to pray"....your picture here reminded me of annaleigh's sweet picture..