Friday, October 03, 2008


We made it ten whole months without getting sick....but now this:

watery eyes and a runny nose

only one red rosy cheek

trying to keep cool under a cold washcloth (she was not a fan)

We're all exhausted...but only two of us want to sleep. We were up half the night in a luke warm bath, changing cool compresses, taking a rising temperature, wondering what else we could do.
A trip to the doctor today revealed little, except that she may have an ear infection. Her fever is persistent and her eyes are sad and pitiful. It's amazing how much it hurts to see your baby miserable and feverish.
Pray for a speedy recovery for Miss Ella Bella Boo Bear.


JenniferPants said...

Aww, hope your sweet pea feels better soon.

Meg Palmer said...

Get well little one! Sara, how are you? Hope to see you sometime! Take care!

Casey Wallace said...

So sorry to hear she's sick. Great job on keeping her well for the first 10 months, though! That's amazing! Hope it passes quickly.

rhonda said...

must be the 10 month mark of sickness! annaleigh wasn't sick until then either....but not as sick as your sweet ella....hope you all are better and rested up soon!!!

Anonymous said...

We made it 17 months! Clara had her firt fever last week, too. 102 and it was so sad. Thankful for Tylenol and Grandma.