Saturday, January 24, 2009

spots {&updated: MORE SPOTS!}

The doctor says the only cure for these spots is a pink Pottery Barn Kitchen.

I had big plans last night to meet up with my college girlfriends and their baby girls for a little reunion/girls night. I came home from work and fed Isabella dinner and started to get ready.
As I began getting her ready I noticed a couple of "bites" on her leg near her knee. I blew it off and started to change her diaper. Then I noticed a "bite" under her arm. Hmmmm.....but I continued on wondering what in the world could've bitten her in these freezing cold temperatures. Upon further inspection, I found one ear to be bright red. By the time Tommy got home 20 minutes later, I was convinced that we were in the throes of chicken pox. More spots had appeared in the short time frame it took me to call the doctor and do a few google searches on red spots on a 14 month old. The searches turned up all kinds of lovely....and since I had no idea what it was or what I could've possibly been exposed to...I had to cancel our plans. We both got changed into our jammies and moped around for a bit...she with her spots and me with my long face.
By the time bedtime came, there were more spots and they were much bigger. Very un-chicken-pox-like. She was completely normal otherwise.
This morning's trip to the doctor (hello again) revealed an allergy to penicillin (which she had been on to treat the aforementioned double ear infection.) So, the augmentin went in the trash and a bottle of zyrtec moved into the vacant spot.
Annnnnd....we could've gone on with our plans afterall.
And...the pesky rash canceled a photo shoot with her great great grandmother this afternoon, too.

Hoping to be clear skinned and healthy by Monday!
UPDATE: WELL NOW...IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THE SPOTS WILL BE GONE BY MONDAY. THEY ARE MULTIPLYING. Please pray that this is only a harmless skin rash. Even though she acts totally normal otherwise, we hate to see her like this.


Palmer's Page said...

poor thing! Did you freak out? I am glad it was something minor, give her a hug and kiss from us!

Anonymous said...

oh no! poor, poor baby. stay away from that penicillin. sara, i bet you are a wreck. she is too pitiful. see you this week.

The Thompson's said...

Poor baby!! Hope she is doing better soon!

The Thompson's said...

Poor baby!! Hope she is doing better soon!

Anonymous said...

The exact same thing happened to me when I was in college. It was horribly embarrasing. I was taking an antibiotic for a UTI. I have never been allergic to anything. Warm water makes them worse!!! Hope she is all better soon.

Anonymous said...



Teachers aren't supposed to make spelling errors!


-erin m said...

Poor thing! Looks like an allergy and maybe something viral, just watch that temp! Lots of fluids :) hehe hope she gets over this quickly. I'm glad it wasnt a really bad allergy to penicillin. Stay warm looks like nothing but ice for us...booo.

Jennifer said...

Oooh, poor baby! And poor Sara. Bet that scared the bejesus out of you. I freak out at the tiniest spot on Cooper. :) Worry wart, I am.

Hope she's better soon.

Staci said...

OMG! What a trooper (the both of you). I hate it when Logan is ill. Logan is hoping she feels better soon!

Meg Palmer said...

Oh my! Poor fair! I hope those spots are disappearing fast! We missed seeing you Friday, Isabella would've had a blast! It was quite funny. The big girls and the little ones had fun! We have to meet up sometime soon! This is getting ridiculous. Hope you are feeling well! Stay warm!

Casey Wallace said...

Wow, when you said she had a rash, I didn't picture it being THAT bad! Poor thing. I'm sorry you couldn't come on Friday, but I don't blame you one bit. I would've freaked out if that happened to AK. We missed you though! Hope Isabella feels OK despite the spots. And we hope to see you next time we're in town!

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

oh my goodness! bless her heart! i hope that she's back to normal very soon! even with lots-o-spots, she's beautimous!