Tuesday, February 17, 2009

love in the obx

Valentine card, 09

Belated, but hope yours was happy!

We spent Valentine's weekend in the Outer Banks with Justin, Libby, Chris, Allison, and the boys. We had a wonderful time. Wade and Isabella are 4 months apart, but the same size. It was fun to see them interact (ie fight over toys). Below, they are both having a little play date in their birthday suits. They will laugh at this photo when they are older.We visited a little nearby city called Manteo and took some photos on the pier. Here is Jack with uncle Justin.

J&L at sunset

The kiddos...Wade is not pleased with the weather. It was very cold on this day and even thought he is from Michigan, he prefers a more balmy climate.

Little Miss "I hate the snow" is fine with the cold...just not the white stuff!

Someone was behind the scenes teasing her with yogurt puffs. You DO NOT mess with her yogurt puffs.

Our home for the weekend. Amazingly beautiful and so different from the houses around here. Each beach house had 3 floors and the main living floor is the top floor....for view purposes, I guess. We loved our room and slept soundly in a very comfortable bed.

The guys watched the kids while the girls went out for manicures/pedicures and shopping all day. When we arrived home, the kids were off to bed and they served us dinner. We each got a card at our place setting.
The food was delish and the company was even better. We played a couple rounds of questions (that the guys loooove) such as what is your most romantic memory? When did you fall in love with me? etc. Always a good time...
Baby Wade..

Ella spending some beloved time with her unky. She thinks he plays kind of rough...but we'll keep him! He makes her laugh with his silly dancing and voices.

Overall...great weekend. Thanks for everything, guys. Can't wait to see everyone again soon. {And...happy Valentine's Day to my Valentine. All my love to you! }


Ted said...

I am so happy that everyone had a great time. The kids look like they had fun. I love the picture of Ella and Justin.
Sara, thanks for the pictures I received in the mail.
Love, Dad

L&J said...

so great! it was such a wonderful weekend. elite nails was my favorite part. thanks for making the trip! next time...shorter day of traveling huh? love, libby

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds fun! I love the pic of the kids on the pier.

Casey Wallace said...

Next time you visit the OBX, you better call! We live just a ferry ride away. Next time we'll meet you out there! Beautiful beach house!

The Thompson's said...

Great pics Sara!! LOVE the pic of the kids on the pier. As always it was so great spending time with you guys and Wade and Ella will laugh at the pic someday. We'll have to plan the next trip soon!

Allison, Chris, Jack and Wadey-Wade