Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thirty years ago today on a clear Spring day, you were born to your parents in much the same way we just welcomed a baby boy. I imagine that your mom sat in her hospital bed and held you and gazed into your baby blues...wondering what this life would hold for you. I wonder if she knew how funny you'd be? Or if she knew that you possessed a drive and an optimism that most people do not. I wonder if she realized that you would be wise beyond your years and too witty for your own good. Did she realize what an incredible father you'd turn out to be? That your very presence would make your daughter squeal with glee. Did she realize that you would make such a wonderful husband? The best partner in life that a girl could ask for?
Happy birthday, my love!
I am so infinitely grateful that you were born. There are no words to describe the ways in which your love has strengthened me. I will always adore you.

PS...I should've met you in the sandbox.


Ted said...

Tommy, Have a great Birthday. I am very happy for you and Sara.
Sara, Jack called me and wants his name added to you blog headline.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Love. You are everything to me. Every day is a dream with you. I could not have resisted a kiss from you in the sandbox just like I could not resist kissing you for the first time that night! Thank you for giving me this beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful life has been summed up by these thoughful words! You are very blessed and remember to always hold them close to your heart. Sara, I pray many more blessings and many more years for you and your beautiful family.