Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Here are some very subpar, indoor Halloween photos for some inquiring family members (unky&aunt lib).
Though I had envisioned us pulling the kids in a wagon down our beautiful tree lined street...it just didn't pan out. Naptime ran over into the neighborhood party and the temperatures fell rapidly. We decided, instead, to go to our family party early where Isabella could at least play with her cousins. She did go to a few houses with the crew and Tommy said she really liked it (I stayed back with Jack) and we found out that, just as we expected, she was petrified of masks and face paint. It was fun to make her costume and then see her in it. If they weren't the custest little princess and monkey, I don't know who was!
Hope yours was fun and filled with sweet treats!


Jennifer said...

They are super cute. Gotta say, Sara, you've outdone yourself with Isabella's head decor. :)

Anonymous said...

Little Isabella is looking more and more like you everyday and Jack is all Dad. They could not be cuter. I need to come and visit.

Love & Miss you,

Ted said...

Cute Kids.....Looks like they had fun.
Pop Pop

Stephanie said...


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Casey Wallace said...

Adorable costumes!!!