Sunday, January 17, 2010

And then came Thanksgiving...

with so much to be thankful for!
We had a full 4 days of celebrating...first with my mom and her sode of the family, then with Tommy's family, and then a long weekend spent with Dad and Unky and Aunt Libby who flew in under the wire (so close to the cut off for flying while pregnant.) We had a wonderful time at each place and had many discussions about how thankful we are to God for all that he has provided. It's amazing when you thing about the blessings...there have been so many. It's certainly a time of year to pause and reflect on what a wonderful family we have.
I seem to only have taken pictures during the weekend so I have no photos of any of the delicious meals we had. Perhaps I was too busy feeding myself and Jack??
Jack gets a kiss from dada!

Ella and Pop Pop put to use an early Christmas gift (the Bose docking station...I know, I know...they've been out for years...we just caught up!)
Tommy and I are sad to learn that our daughter's new favorite song is Pokerface. Inappropriate? Yes.
Here, she has suckered pop pop into dancing with her again! She has also lost her pants and is wearing the new croc sandals that she suckered pop pop into buying her at the mall kiosk earlier that day. She thinks they are "big girl dance shoes."
Pop Pop is a sucker for all things Ella.

Oh how this one melts my heart. Jack and Unky play in the sun streaming in from the window.

And then we did some maternity photos right before Justin and Libby left for the airport. I haven't had time to sift through and edit but this one caught my eye and I had to edit it right then. I love it.
And...if you're wondering...the baby has arrived and I will hurry to try to get to that part of our story so she can be properly announced!


Anonymous said...

love it. thanks. excited to see more!

Ted said...

Ella is a great dancer. She never steps on my toes...more dances to come.
Pop Pop

-erin m said...

So glad to see you are blogging again. Being busy however not a bad thing :) I can't believe how much Jack is looking like you, he's gotten so big!

Justin said...

I'm loving ma man man Jack In that picture

Casey Wallace said...

Great pics, Sara! Isabella and Jack are such beautiful kids. You guys make good-looking babies! Speaking of dance, I took AK to her first dance class this afternoon. It was a photographer's paradise with a room full of tiny girls in matching pink leotards, tights and ballet slippers. And hair tied up in buns. And can you believe I forgot my camera?! And my phone too, so no luck there either! Let me know when you want to do happy hour!

Anonymous said...

Sara, I hope you don't mind that I look at your personal blog but that is how I would love for you to capture our maternity shots. I love the texture of that one. Will you plan to post more of their set when you finish them?
Mary ALlen

Anonymous said...

Hi Stranger,
I am so happy to get caught up on you and yours! The birthday party looked fabulous. Clara's favorite song is Poker Face too. Is it bad that I woker her up from her nap so she could watch Lady Ga Ga on Oprah. She also refers to herself as Lady Ga Ga. "Lady Ga Ga wants a snack." Hope to hear from you soon!