Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm taking a little inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers...I'm looking back through 2010 for the gifts...the little moments long since forgotten until I sift through the thousands of photos.
I've never been a fan of New Years. I enter into the new year with trepidation and a dash of anxiety. Last year was a doozy though...and I'm looking forward to a NEW year. As I look back through the folders of pictures, I realize that with the challenges came great blessings, too. And that is life, right?

Below are some favorite moments/photos from January 2010.

Jack...so small one year ago.

A photo that tugs at my heart...Tommy and Jack on the plane. We have a big print of this in his nursery. My two most favorite boys.

Tommy holding our beautiful new niece, Ava.

another of my sweet boy.

Isabella forgets the "only draw on paper" rule and gives herself a red tattoo.

I was letting her "help" me cook dinner when I turned around to find that a little mouse had been snacking on the velveeta!

And tomorrow...favorite photos from February.


libby ryder said...

wow we have missed you on this little blog. i like the one of ava. but i am bias. thanks for including her.

The Thompson's said...

welcome back! Don't hold your breath about me posting on my blog! As always, love the photographs.

Jennifer said...

I love it! Nice to go back and reminisce, huh?

Glad to be able to visit at Thanksgiving. It was so fun.

Here's to a happy, easy year for you this year! Cheers!

Love you,

Casey Wallace said...

Wishing you many blessings in 2011! Love you!

Meg Palmer said...

Sara, loved the pictures!Your kiddos are too precious!I laughed so hard when I saw the block of velveeta with the little teeth marks!!

JB, Angie and Ashlyn said...

Sara, I loved looking at all your pictures of your sweet family! Have a fantastic 2011!