Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For what I lacked in May photos, I made up for in June.

A favorite summer pastime was walking to get gelato in our neighborhood. Always Fragola (strawberry) for Isabella. And she savors each bite. Eats it so slowly that the sun has often gone down by the time we make our way home.
Jack often looks like this on the way to get gelato...he's not much for being contained.

She has her eye on the prize and knows that at the end of the wagon ride, there's gelato!

We had a lot of popsicles on the front porch, too.

In early June, we went on vacation with my family. It's always a very special time for us when we're all together and we laugh so much that it always leaves me smiling for weeks.

Love this photo...all of my loves holding onto each other.

The kind of moment that always makes me want (and feel like I can handle) 5 more children, at least.

donuts and milk and a view of the sea...can't beat that.
lunch at the Hoffbrau Haus, straight off the beach...our favorite. Never under 2-3 hours of sitting on the covered patio, sharing soft pretzels, sipping on cold LIT's, talking, laughing, telling stories, loving...
sometimes a little dancing

and taking the baby's shirt off when it gets too hot for it!sweet pigtails
hot and tired after lunch

thirsty boy and lips that I so dearly love

sweet naps on the beach...so peaceful

definitely the best $15.99 we spent all week...a boat/pool for under the tent. No lifejackets required.

just taking it all in

cheese and crackers for dinner at Margaritaville
happy hour on the balcony after the beach...another favorite part of the day...sandy kids are bathed and restaurants are discussed...

Pop pop and Ella, two beach bums.

bubbles with unky

daddy and jack

pop pop and his girls

June was good.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Sara-what a beautiful family. If I remember correctly the first time I met Tommy he said he wanted 5 children.....

libby ryder said...

wow. june was good. so thankful it happened when it did. good memories. maybe next year i will make it into some pics!? gotta love our LITS and walking thru the shops. cant wait for this summer!!!

Ted said...

I love the vacation pictures...such a happy time. I enjoy our yearly vacation so much. Hopefully everyone will be able to get one in their schedule this year. We need to plan that. Seeing these pictures makes me want to go back to PCB but I am fine with any place as long as we can all be together. E, J and A all thought it should involve sand and salt water. Jack is beginning to love the taste of sand. By the way I asked Jack if I could go on spring break with him when he is a freshman in college and he shook his head. The beach would not be as much fun without Pop Pop. I can close my eyes and see everyone on the balcony laughing, talking, watching babies, having a happy hour, sharing, and being a family! Just how it should be. The Haufbrau House was a lot of fun...even after the check came. Thanks for posting these pictures. It reminds me of how thankful I am for our vacations together, and that as a family we have so much to be thankful for. Oh yea thanks for teaching me flip cup.

Jennifer said...

Whoa, this has me wishing for hot weather and family vacations. Man, you and I definitely share this blood-- love of the beach.

Looks like an amazing month. Here's to another wonderful June this year...


Casey Wallace said...

Loved all these pics! The last one is my favorite. :)