Thursday, January 27, 2011

oh wow...feeling guilty....September begins a crazy busy season for me and I took zero photos of my own kids. And in October...I only took these. Must vow to make more time for that this year.
Anyway, here are my babies...the dino and the (nice) kitty cat. (It was important to her that everyone knew that she was one of the NICE ones!)


Heidi said...

sara, miss you two. like you should be here planning the ioc trip. LOVED meeting you all last week. what a magical weekend. every. single. second!


libby ryder said...

cute pics sara. i love ella in her nice cat costume.

iColossus / Monster said...

Hi Sara, glad you updated your blog!

AWESOME meeting you over the weekend. I must say, I have great sisters-in-laws but if I didn't, I'd want to borrow you!

You have a beautiful family, and you have a huge, full heart.


little irish said...

Adorable kids, beautiful blog, major talent!!