Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Festivities!

Tommy and I celebrated Halloween this year as....a hula girl with an exposed (fake) butt....and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz! We were so honored to be joined by our good friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton (Carlie and Brook Peyton) and Fat Tony and his wife (Chris and Brigit) We had a great time at the couples costume baby shower and the Halloween bash at Mr. Ziadi's house! Unfortunately, at the end of the evening when I clicked my heels together-- we still had to drive home!


Brigit said...

Wow! Who are those two sexy gangsters? (or is that Billy Jean with Fat Tony?!!) We had a great time with you guys as always. Thanks for the pics. Love, B & C

Anonymous said...

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Brook & Carlie said...

Hi Guys!
We love the website - you have done a great job!.... Need to get together again soon - we had a great time on Halloween!
Love - Brook & Carlie

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

You guys look adorable!