Friday, October 28, 2005

How sweet it is to be loved by...these two!

Pepper and Abby are enjoying football season with their dad! Though Tommy wanted them both to sport Bengals collars....we decided to stick with their normal attire!
Pepper gets his football out every Sunday! Tommy swears he knows exactly what he is doing. Abby just waits for someone to join her on the couch!


Tommy said...


I love the new website. Pepper(Rone) and Abby (Real Deal)are my Sunday football companions. Rone does get the football out every Sunday before the Bengals play. Who Dey!
I love you

Mardell said...

Hi Sara! I love your blog! You did an excellent job! The dogs are so cute ~ and I love the little pumpkin magnets of your students! And what's up with "who dey!?" LOL


Mom said...

I love your blog, isn't it fun? My blogger name is Mom because I post to my son and daughter in law. I love the pictures of your sweet little dogs. I bet its a great time during football season.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara!

GREAT blog! I look forward to checking it out. Pepper and Abby are soooo precious!!! Bailey wants to come play with the Weims!!! :) :) :)

Kristen (GLU)

Dad said...

I know these two. They eat Rylee's toys. Nice pictures. I will check back for updates.

Judy said...


Pepper and Abby steal the show! How sweet are those faces?!

Love your blogspot and all of your photos!

Rachel said...

hey Sara Beth..your blog is so cute and i of course love the pictures of Pepper and Abby. I really need to bring Wilson over for a play date.
love you guys,