Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday photos...

We try to get a Christmas picture every year to send with our Christmas cards. My mom is the photographer by default. The whole photo shoot is stressful enough with two dogs--we could never do the whole "set the timer" thing. And then there is the stress of choosing the has to be the one where Tommy approves of how he looks, one that I am satisfied with, and one where both dogs are in position! It's virtually impossible to get past the first two parameters--much less the last one! Anyway, we did end up with one decent one to send to friends and family...but these are two of my other favorites from that night. I love the one of Tommy and me. We always have so much fun. I'm thankful for our laughter. The next one is of Pepper--he is and has always been so photogenic. It's as if he knows it will be much easier to just go along with my "humanizing" him than to bulk and prolong the whole ordeal. He is my boy....we have such a history together. He knows me well....and that is why he has become so good at just staring into the camera until I say "We're done!"
In my search for our place in the world of traditions--I guess this is one of ours-- A Christmas Photo. And not just any photo--one that captures the very essence of us, our little family, at the very moment!

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Mardell said...

Your pictures are beautiful ~ the trees, you and Tommy, just everything! I want to wish you a happy belated birthday also. I'm sorry I missed it! :o( I think you should post the picture of the two of you by the tree on GLU! It's gorgeous! I love the silvery/glittery theme (including the tree skirt!!) And what a lovely tradition (taking the yearly picture!) You two make a wonderful couple!

Hugs and hugs, and all that good stuff!
Merry Christmas!!