Friday, February 10, 2006


They say that some pregnant women glow....after seeing Brandy this past weekend...I believe that to be true. She was the epitome of the pregnant glow!
It was good to see everyone again. We always have lots of catching up to do. And, as always, lots of old memories to revisit. So much has changed since the 5th floor of Telford, yet each time I meet up with these girls...I am reminded of just how much fun we always had together. We're forever laughing so hard! I love it!
Anywhooso very happy for Brandy, Jerad, and baby irvine. (Bran, if you are reading this--post a comment and tell what you are naming her...I didn't know if you wanted me to announce it!) If this baby is half as cute as her mama...she'll be in good shape!
The cafe where we had lunch was delish...Ann and Amanda are always the perfect hostesses! It was such a fun afternoon...


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Congrats, Brandy! That's wonderful. You look great, as always.

Casey (Carnes)

Anonymous said...

Someone is having a grandchild - how nice.

Amanda Dearing said...

Wow, what a great site! I'm very impressed with you..Brandy, Ryder's correct in that you looked absolutely beautiful. It was great to see everyone at the shower. It is ridiculous Ryder that we live 5 minutes and never get together. We need to make it happen!
I can't wait to meet her Brandy.
Aunt Amanda

brandy irvine said...

You are too kind! I received your cute little card in the mail made me feel so special! Jerad and I do have a name for this little angel in my belly - lucy bean.

Of course, it's just a draft and we have 3 months to change our minds! However, Lucy stays.