Tuesday, February 07, 2006

She's relentless.

I can't even explain how mad I was when I came home to another mess made by Abby. I truly thought she had learned her lesson. Yeah, not so much. Today, she took it to the next level while I was at work. She chewed up a Biolage bottle, an empty gel tube, a toilet paper roll, and some other unidentified piece of trash! She immediately went to her ultra-secret hiding spot when she heard me come through the door. I ventured upstairs to remove my feet from the knives that I wore to work today only to be met with shredded plastic....and lots of it. After an entire clean up/removal session...she felt very confident that I had forgiven her. And....she was right. She is relentless....but I can never seem to resist this face ~ especially when it is in such close proximity to mine.


Darcy said...

Hi Sara! Thanks for commenting on my blog. =0) So happy you are a reader and hope you made it through all the gymnast of the day posts. =) My girls completely loved it.

Do you have a weim? My sis does and he is the biggests baby. Does yours think he weighs like 20lbs? Yeah, thinks he is a lap dog as I am smothered below him.

Might I add that you take BEAUTIFUL pics! Teach me!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute. I love it! Glad Brandy sent me the link.

whitney said...

dude...way to take pictures. sure is a fancy camera.

Anonymous said...

Do not punish Abby. You did the same things when you were little.