Thursday, June 22, 2006


*One of my summer school students lost a tooth this morning. In an effort to strengthen her writing skills I suggested that we write a letter to the Tooth Fairy. You on-demand writing prompt, if you will. I had to laugh when she asked the Tooth Fairy for a cell phone. I'm thinking We're talking ONE tooth here!! I think the most I ever got was a ten...and that was probably because dad was too tired to try to find change. I'm pretty sure mom once left me a cute little letter about how brave it was of me to lose a tooth and not cry. She knows me well. I loved the note mom...but you still owe me a cell phone.

The condos are finally on the MLS to sell. That was my job and it took me a bit longer than Tommy would have liked. I have officially given up on reading the fine print!
Keep your fingers crossed that they sell quick! That would be nice.

*I got a sweet thank you note today from one of my kiddos from last year. His family got me 2 movie tickets and a Starbucks gift card. It was a very nice surprise. The movies and Starbucks just happen to be 2 fun things that I rarely treat myself to. I used to go to the movies fairly often until our preacher at church mentioned how dishonest it was to sneak your own food into the theater. WHAT?? I thought I was being financially responsible! Just 2 diet cokes and some microwave that so bad? The one time we ventured out to the movies after that it cost us half of a mortgage payment! It's like....2 tickets...roughly $20. XXXL tub of butter-soaked popcorn (Tommy insists!) and 2 drinks...roughly another $20! And since we are standing there at the candy counter- I have to have Snowcaps...even though they are $7.50. And then you have napkins and those are probably $1.50 each! A small fortune! For this sort of price they better have individual space heaters at each seat and the movie better be captivating! Otherwise, I'll be sitting through the whole thing thinking about what kind of outfit I could have bought with the money we just wasted!

*Libby got accepted at the University of Kentucky Graduate School! YAY for her! We are so hapy for her. She is now an official Wildcat!

*We are celebrating Pepper's birthday tonight with some treats from Three Dog Bakery. Sure...I could make him the Pup-cakes at home but you know kids always want the store-bought stuff. My mom used to slave away at the cutest cakes...she would painstakingly cut them to be whatever shape I was obsessed with at the moment...a megaphone, a telephone, a trianlge Guess Jeans patch, etc. You name it! I think I remember saying "My friend so-and-so got a cake from Kroger that had little plastic balloons on it. Could I get one of those?" Which is why I am skipping the baking and going straight to the store! I'm trying to aviod the possibility that he might beg for what the lab next door got for his birthday!

I'm off to conquer a mountain of l a u n d r y and run some errands. TGIF.

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