Monday, June 26, 2006

patios, weddings, football fields, and dinners...

If I don't miss my guess...this post is going to be a jumbled mess of unorganized photos! Oh well!
This weekend was a busy one. We got our patio re-done. We already had a slab patio but wanted to get a new layer that is stamped and dyed like cobblestone. This process took (actually, is still taking) a lot longer than I thought it would. We really like how it is turning out though. It is tough, though, because we can't let the dogs out in the backyard. We have been taking them out front on the leash. It takes forever and is often a fruitless effort! The patio should be finished by tomorrow. We will certainly have dinner outside to celebrate.
On Saturday we traveled to Cincy for one of my former housemates/sorority sister's wedding. It was beautiful! The ceremony was unique and touching and the reception was fun. I was able to catch up with so many friends whom I haven't seen in way too long. There is always so much laughing! I love it. As a bonus...the reception was at the Bengals Stadium! Tommy and I are big Bengals fans. After the reception we were walking down to the car and I spotted a door that was ajar! Much to Tommy's dismay...I opened it and we walked right out into the stadium. It was dimly lit and larger than life! We both just stod there in awe! It was so neat. I think the bride and groom had some of their pictures taken on the field! Tommy would have loved that!
On Sunday....we went to church and then met up with Carlie and Brook and Gina and Dan for a boat ride on the river. We rode up to Captain's Quarters for dinner. It was a beautiful night! We got to watch the sunset on the boat ride home. It was a great time.

It was back to reality today....tutoring for me, work for Thomas!


whitney said...

hey i know them and a couple other peeps in the photos. congrats to tracy. she looks radiant. so does meredith.

Allison said...

How cool that the reception was at the stadium. Looks like you had a great time!

For all the work I hope the patio turns out great!!

Anonymous said...

WHO DEY!! I should've had my reception there!

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

It was SOOOO great to see you at the wedding. As I was posting to my blog today, I realized we didn't get a picture together. I'm so bummed! You and Tommy are too cute. Again, great to see you both!

krista said...


So why does this blogger take 10 pictures in one post for you and sometimes seems to freeze after 4 for me? (I know Allion had the same trouble one day.) I have done more on some days, but lately it is geting tricky.

Any thoughts?

Frustrated blogger in WA

Rachel said...

I was just wondering if your phone gets reception when your in the nasty natti because you never seem to call when you come home...i don't really know what to think about that.