Sunday, July 09, 2006

noisy house...

We had Tommy's cousins for a sleep over this weekend...I use the term 'sleep' very lightly! At 3 AM they were still wide awake. I could not hold my eyes open! I was trying so hard to stay awake because as a child myself...when the people I was staying the night with fell asleep and I was wide awake it was a given that I would be calling the old parents to come and get me. As long as everyone was up I was fine...but if I didn't fall asleep before was bad.

Finally, when it felt as if concrete blocks were pulling down on my eyelids I told them that if anyone got scared to come and wake us up and we would stay up with them. They gave me the "Puhleeeze, we are way too cool for that" look...and off to bed I went. Tommy and I were exhausted. It confirmed our thoughts that we are not yet ready for fun as they are!

Below is a cake recipe that I have been wanting to try. It was a very rough draft with not much detail--but I thought it was cute. The middle part is a jell-o swimming pool. The kids liked it.

The dogs did amzingly well with all they chaos. It helps that all 4 of these kids love animals. I love seeing them (Pepper & Abby) play with kids. It is so cute.
Along with loving animals...they love to wrestle. I frequently found them in a tangled pile...slapping, pinching, poking, etc. No one ever got mad or hurt though....which I found amazing! I am such a wuss....pinch me and I am in tears!
See what I mean....some are playing play station...others are pinning each other on the carpet. BTW, I did hear Tommy say, "I can put you in the Full Nelson and have you crying in 3 seconds!" Yep, he reverted back to his boyhood this weekend.
Teylor didn't get into the wrestling matches (smart girl!) but she did enjoy the internet! Earlier in the afternoon, she and I went to get pedicures. That was fun.
These 2 are lucky to have each other to grow up with.
Silly, silly boys! This is just the kind of photo that their first real girlfriend will find endearing.
It was so fun to have them all here. They all have such unique and sweet personalities. It is fun for me to be around kids and not have to teach them anything. We did lots of laughing, lots of game playing(UNO, Taboo, and Truth or Dare Jenga (which turned out to be not-so-kid-friendly afterall!)) , and lots of eating.

Mom was also here this past week and we had so much fun. She helped me accomplish some things I had been needing to do.....and we had several great lunches and dinners overlooking the river. It was wonderful to spend some time together.

Can't believe that Monday is nearly here again. Weekends are the best.


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Looks fun, but I wouldn't be able to stay awake either! Love the cake. That is too cute!

To The Moon said...

How fun is that cake! You are so darn cute. I'm sure the kids totally appreciated it too. :)

Rachel said...

Exactly how big was the's super cute, but it looks huge:)