Friday, July 28, 2006


I am safely home from our annual summer trip to Manhattan. It is quite possibly the best city in the world. Mom and I totally enjoyed ourselves...eating, talking, people-watching, and shopping!

I got a kick out of this sign. Living fashionably in a $7 million loft....with a couture concierge to boot! What must life be like? I find myself wishing that Peter Som was my good friend.

One of my favorite stores on Broadway...they sell bath soap by the slice. The smell of this little place and the block it sits on is divine.

Blue sky and no taxis...both a rare sight on this particular trip. We had more than a few rain showers...but that didn't stop us!

Who Moi? Pizza? We love NYC many choices!

Here we have the two barstools where Tommy and I sat several years ago on our first trip to the city together. We occupied the seats for several hours...just staring at each other...VanMorrison's Crazy Love playing in the background. I remember very vividly falling deeper and deeper in love with him during that weekend.
Mom and I had dinner here on our last night and I just had to snap a picture of the 2 vacant barstools. This little spot called O'Riley's Grill holds some very special memories for me.
Mom and I opted for a table ...and we had some great food! We ended up staying for 2 hours...just talking about everything and nothing. We are good at that.
Unfortunately, when we got the bill we learned that there are no free refills on unsweetened tea in New York.

Someone has a bright future in marketing, don'tcha think? After I snapped this picture the man behind the table informed that that it would be five damn dollas for a picture.

In case you ever wondered what your chicken encounters on the average trip to your favorite eatery....look no further!
The bottom ripped out of this box and chickens scattered all over the filthy sidewalk. These two just grabbed a garbage bag and made a quick transfer. I'm guessing they were operating under the 10-second policy. Chicken is the one meat that I still love....and now this!
I snapped this picture through the window of Broadway pizza (where I sat having a very non-chicken lunch.)

Very into beads right now. I got lots of super cool, very long beaded necklaces this trip. I think it's the OCD in me. I always pick something to perseverate on and buy lots of. Last year it was sunglasses...this year...beads!

We took lots of subway trips back and forth...uptown and downtown many times. We had delicious gelato...cocnut for mom and lemon for me. I got some new clothes to wear to work. Mom got a fall purse and a winter purse. I got Tommy a watch and some cuff links. No presents for the pups...just lots of sloppy kisses.

I have been working in my room this week....trying to get ready for a brand new school year. I have also been baking a few different things for Tommy's mom's 50th birhday party on Saturday. I am attempting a tall cake that requires some strategic stacking.
It is rainy here today. I am puttering around the kitchen....and just enjoying the day at home.

Thanks for a great trip, mom! I will always, always, always hold our adventures close to my heart. Thank you for you friendship.


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

How wonderful that you and your mom get to share such a neat getaway each year! I've been there a few times. Great city with awesome shopping! Last time, I was there for a girls' trip and it poured on several days. It's not so fun there when it's raining since there's so much walking. I'm glad you had some sunny days.

Yes, a $7 million penthouse would be nice.

Allison said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your Mom. I have never been to NYC but hope to one day. I don't know if I will be able to eat chicken for awhile!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a good time in N.Y.,and are back safe. I hope you didn't bad influence your mom. Just kidding - sounds like a great trip. Parents can be fun.

krista said...

New York is a city like no other. Did you get to Times Square? We have had lots of great times there while enjoying Broadway. Sometimes the best drama takes place right on the street. Thanks for sharing your trip!


whitney said...

that chicken thing is wrong.