Sunday, July 16, 2006


Currently reading a great book (thanks, dad!) called Marley and Me. It is a must read for anyone who loves dogs. Even if you don't (Andy) I think it is still a must read!

Finished this book last week. A tale of a boy with autism who sets out to solve a local mystery. Enlightening as far as the behavior and insights of the little boy--but a VERY slow read. Not at all one of my faves.

And the weekend comes to a close....but man, was it fun! Justin and Libby got here Friday evening and we immediately braved a huge thunderstorm to head up to Rafferty's for Happy Hour. We had fun eating a variety of appetizers and catching up. They are doing great.
Saturday morning we headed out to the race track for a beautiful day! Very hot, but still beautiful! No such luck with the bets we placed...very few of them paid off! We stayed for all the races and then headed home to freshen up. We decided on dinner on the river...a great little Italian place. It was perfect! We even stopped for Blizzards on the way home. This morning...waffles and church....and plain old resting! I hated to see them leave! We really loved having them here.
Tomorrow starts my last week of tutoring! YAY! Hard to believe that school will be starting again soon. I am already starting to think about bulletin boards....classroom decor....lesson plans...etc. I just love to see all the brand new school supplies piled up in the stores. Not to rush it though.....summer is wonderful!
Time for dinner and a few more chapters of my book.


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

I'm currently reading Marley and Me, too. A birthday gift from Sommer and Chad. I have a feeling I will be bawling at the end???

Allison said...

You must have been with my sister this weekend b/c the word Blizzard appeared in the blog!! I too had a couple Blizzards this weekend. Thank you for taking care of my little sister.


Krista S. said...

Please let me add my 2 cents worth in the form of a book review...I LOVED "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" and I tell everyone what a quick read it was...(To each his own, I guess.) I loved the humor and found that the perspective of the boy gave me a much better understanding of autism. Years ago, I developed a respite program for an autistic teen boy in our church. I wish we had had this book back then to help people comprehend his world-even though he functioned at a much lower level. This book is a hot book club selection here in Washington.

Now you have a "Point-Counterpoint" on this book report!

I have the other "Dog" book on my "to read" list, as does Katers, so I will have to wait to comment on it untill later. I love that you are including books in your blog and I may have to join you...

Alway, enjoy your posts...especially those that incude the "Libster" and Justin.