Thursday, August 17, 2006

8pm is late....

for a teacher on the first day of school! My voice is gone...and it took my patience with it! My students are darling....but they, like me, are still in summer mode! We'll get through it, though! Each new year is like this...tough at first, then settles into a lull...a routine that is comfortable. By the end of next week... the new school supply smell will have faded and the students will be back in school mode....listening, learning, laughing. I am tired tonight...but who am I kidding? I would be lost in August without the first days of school. It's what I do!

And to greet me when I got home? Champagne from Tommy (thanks, babe, you are the best)...and the sweetest card and gift from you, Jen. The card made me cry! Since I can't get the CD of photos to you right now (as the stuff to do it with is packed tightly in the storage unit) I wanted to share this with you--it's one of my all time faves. hope it will tide you over. Thank you so much for your kind, kind words.

off to switch out laundry and get some shuteye. My goal is to get up early enough for a treat from Starbucks before homeroom. highly unlikely...but we'll see.


Pat Walker said...

I see you truly ARE a "Photographer"!! When did you start this? You do a super job! I love seeing your photos.
Hugs~~Pat W.

Jennifer said...

Glad you got it!

Thanks for the picture ~ BEAUTIFUL as usual!

When will we see pics of the new digs??

Terri and Bob said...

Hi, Sara, its Terri from GLU! I see you are busy with school as I am! We started off great. What's this about a new house?? How exciting!