Monday, August 28, 2006

No pictures to share...the camera is in who knows what box...buried too deep to pull out at this point.

Saw this on a friend's blog and thought it was neat. If you read my blog and you have a blog of your own....I challenge you to copy and paste and post on your blog.

I am: madly in love with my husband.

I want: to live along, happy life.

I have: so many things to be grateful for.

I wish: I didn't procrastinate.

I hate: that I worry so much.

I miss: home when I am away.

I hear:'s Monday night...what do you expect? Also...some screaming when a good play is made!

I wonder: how I will get everything done on my to-do list.

I regret: that I have regrets.

I am not: a morning person.

I dance: like crazy when I am alone.

I sing: like your worst nightmare.

I cry: fairly easily.

I am not always: brave.

I make with my hands: pictures, cards, dinners, school stuff....

I write: notes to my husband, letters to friends and family, and many many lists.

I confuse: trust with vulnerability.

I need: to pray more and worry less.

I should: do more for those less fortunate.

I start: watching 24 and can't stop.

I finish: each day with a prayer


Anonymous said...

I like pictures.

Tom & Judy said...

I love this! I may just have to, borrow...this idea! Miss ya, Sara!

tommy said...

Those are some of the reasons I love you so much baby.