Monday, August 07, 2006

  • getting my room ready for the school year...cutting out demin pockets to make a bulletin board that says "Jean-ius Work!" Trying to think of other catchy phrases but coming up short!
  • doing laundry...always loads of laundry.
  • trying to get rid of a very unwelcome family of ants that decided to take up residence in the dog food. Realizing that I still detest bugs of any size, shape, color. My mom is the type who gently picks up a bug and tosses it out the backdoor. I am the type who smashes it way harder that it needed to be smashed! I also follow up the smashing by yelling..."Now go warn your friends that I am not playing around!" Yelling at a dead fly is very effective.
  • trying to stay cool. it was 100 here yesterday!
  • going out with the gals for meg's last night of freedom. laughing so hard and having such fun. missing college. would never trade where I am at in my life right now....but missing the good ol' days, nonetheless!
  • visiting with mom yesterday. So thankful for all the surprises she brings when she comes. This was a double bolier for me (so I can make cake icing) and a new suit for Tommy! Thanks for your kindness, Mom!
  • proofing lots of pictures. Very excited to be the proud new owner of a little boy and a little girl Party Hat. They will be appearing in pictures very soon! They are too cute for words.
  • a little sad that summer is almost over for me and I didn't get any sun at all!
  • excited to start buying little baby gifts here and there for Chris and Brigit.
  • happy to be having dinner this week with friends that we haven't seen in a bit.
Must go and get things accomplished today....

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