Tuesday, August 08, 2006

prince william

He is a handsome prince indeed! Had so much fun with Carrie and William today! Of course, these photos are unedited for blogger purpose...but I hope you like them Carrie.
William wins the "most active baby" award! He is a mover and a shaker!
Good luck with your shots tomorrow little one!


Anonymous said...

We love the photos and can't wait to see the rest of them, we are so excited! What a great job. You have a natural talent with the camera!!...Carrie, Brian and William

Mike & Casey Wallace said...

Look at that cutie!!! I miss him. He's getting so big. It was so great to see these pictures. They're beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of them, too. And I can't wait for Abby Kate's turn!!!

Debi said...

The pictures are so cute and sweet. Sara, you have a great talent.

joel and amy said...


I read your blog through a link on Whitney's blog and I absolutely love it! You are one of the most creative people! Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I am so jealous that I can't have you take some of my boys. My blog is linked on Whitney's also, but unfortunately I never find the time to blog! Some day!..when I am done changing diapers, chasing dogs chewing up toys, and doing laundry! Keep inspiring others to live to the fullest! Amy