Sunday, October 01, 2006

must love dogs...especially weims

Lots of fun times this spite of a sinus infection that can be likened to a vice grip on the head!

We went to a great concert on Friday night! Box seats were so fun. They didn't play my favorite song--but it was a fun time, nonetheless. We went to bed early on Friday and slept in late on Saturday...some much needed rest! I worked on some pictures to drop off to a client and we headed toward the farm for the annual fall party that Tommy's brother hosts. It turned out to be a beautiful day despite the rainy start. We took a hayride, played games, ate, sat around the fire , talked...etc. I was surprised at how cold it got!

We got up early this morning and went to church. (2nd Sunday at our new church....and this one was even better than the last.) Loved it! Can't wait to go back! Can't wait to get more involved!

After church we got ready and went to the annual Weimaraner Rescue Party. I really look forward to this each fall. We left Pepper at home this year since he has a bit of trouble getting along with other dogs. I hated to see his sad face as we pulled away--but had a much less stressful time without worrying about him acting up. There were twice as many dogs there this year! It is disheartening to see so many come into rescue--but so uplifting to see how loved they all are now. There were big weims, little weims, skinny weims, fat weims, weims that barked, weims that howled, weims that played, weims that swam, weims that tried to steal lunch from the table, weims that stayed close to their humans, weims that peed on chairs, weims with scars, weims without...every kind of weim!! I was in heaven! Abby (aka Real Deal) wore her pink pearl necklace and her brother's sunglasses. Everyone thought she was a real priss! Toward the end of the party she decided that the grass was too itchy for her paws so she hopped up in the chair. She was so good. She was one of the smallest weims there...and certainly one of the most docile. There were plenty of doggie contests to enter...but none that included eating she had to settle for just watching.
I love the pictures of her with each of us, below. She is a perfect example of a rescue. She came to us so empty and scared....and we filled her up. She has returned the favor one hundred fold!

How does Monday creep up so fast? I swear, the weekends pass by at twice the rate of the regular week. Better head in the direction of bed. Mondays always hit me like a brick wall.


andy said...

sounds like my kind of party....well, if all the dogs weren't there.

Anonymous said...

adopt me a weim!
(keep it at your house though)