Wednesday, October 18, 2006

shades of brown...


Dad...remember when I used to make fun of you for painting your entire house beige? Welp, looks like I am a chip off the old block. Tommy and I picked about 10 different paint colors for the new house and they are all shades of chocolate. We both love brown. We are even painting one of the guest bedrooms in Godiva- dark -chocolate-is -it- black -or-is-it-brown? brown. Dark brown and white-white. I hope it turns out just as I have it pictured in my mind. Tommy has been a real trooper about the painting. I am the trimmer-outer and he is the roller. My job is more tedious but he covers all the area. Poor guy...he was up way past our normal bedtime. I was falling asleep at the brush and had to hang it up for the night!
Last week's project was to faux finish the powder room. It took way longer than I thought it would, my arms hurt way worse than I thought they would, and it looks way different than I thought it would ....but we like it. It doesn't photograph too well--so you'll have to really use your imagination. There are several different shades of ...surprise...brown swirled in there...lots of different textures, too.

So it is hump day....and I still have lots to do this week. Report cards for my students is at the top of the list! Been working on some invitations for a baby party and licking lots of envelopes. (Why wouldn't someone come up with a more desirable tasting adhesive by now?) Case, I need your address to send you your copy. I have some family pictures this weekend (nervous!), and I have some serious sewing projects that I want to do. My sewing machine hasn't been out of it's box for more than 2 years. Hope she still sews.
We got our pumpkins for the season. They are resting proudly on the front steps. Don't know if they'll get carved this year or not? We might just have plain, old orange pumpkins with a ribbon around the stem. We have about 6 jack-o-lantern (the kind you plug in) so I think that will suffice. I am anxious to see how many trick-or-treaters come out in this neighborhood. Seems like we used to come out in droves whn I was a kid. Now days....they seem to trickle through for an hour or two and that's it. Perhaps the crowds just looked bigger to me back then. Another thing I have noticed is that kids don't gather candy in grocery bags or pillow cases anymore. They now have monogrammed plush pumpkins in which to carry their sweets! It won't be long before Prada comes out with a style called the hobo-trick-or-treater.


Mike & Casey Wallace said...

The faux finish looks great! I can't wait to see what amazing things you do with this house. You are so talented.

I'll send my address in an e-mail.

ndn girl said...

I had seen your comment on a blog called about actions for your photos. I think I know what you are talking about the "blue steel" look that Tara Whitney does on her photos. She gets her actions from but you can not buy them individually but I found a site called and they have one called Urban Acid and it's free!! Tara may using one called blue steel but this gives you that look also.

whitney said...

i like the brown.

Anonymous said...

Why did you cover up that good looking beige? Just kidding! I think it looks great. See you this weekend for Justins' party.

whitney said...

susan and mike are back home in henderson after a stint in the dominican republic. wish they lived in nashville.