Sunday, December 02, 2007

that day...

Baby Isabella... Some things to remember about your homecoming...
We brought you home on Thanksgiving Day and it was a Thanksgiving like no other. Never before have your dad and I been so very thankful.
It was very cold and rainy. Your dad drove slower than he ever has. I sat in the back to hold your little head in place because you were (and still are) much too small for your carseat.
We heard a song on the radio that made both of us cry. We couldn't believe that we were actually bringing you home with us. It seemed so official. We kept stealing glances at each other in the rearview if to say, "Do you think we can do this?"
You were an angel. You slept the whole way.
You wore your baby gap outfit that your aunt libby got you. Though it was very appeared to be an xl on your tiny frame. You also wore the turkey hat that one of the nurses in the hospital makes for babies who go home on a holiday. That hat is so incredibly cute. I fell in love with you all over again when they wheeled you into our room late at night wearing it.
Thanks to your dad (and some very hard work by your uncle jus and aunt lib and gigi) our house was all decorated to welcome us home. It meant so much to me. It was perfect.
The dogs greeted you with many sniffs. You didn't seem to mind. I hope you guys will grow to love each other.
We took you up to show you your nursery. It was tough to tell since you never opened your eyes...but we think you love it!
You spent the whole entire day in someones arms. No one could resist holding you...especially your pop pop.

Your dad and I think you fit perfectly here.


JenniferPants said...

What a cute little turkey!

Tom & Judy said...

A Thanksgiving to remember - always!

Meg Palmer said...

You are so blessed! I love reading your postings. Such a sweet story!